a time of transition

December 8, 2013

I hate that my blog has been mopier than usual lately, but I believe in honesty. I'm also looking forward to the day when I read posts like this and this and realize that God has brought me through. I'm not there yet, bit haven't lost hope that someday I will be.

God has had His hand in this all along. I don't understand why things are the way they are, but He has and does whether circumstances are good or bad (at least my definition of good and bad).

So, I'm happy to share that God has brought us some good encouragement recently through circumstances and people. From friends and family helping to ease the financial burden to many prayers, we feel blessed and loved.

Wednesday I sat in the dentist's chair waiting for the Novocaine to kick in and to found out if I would need yet another pricey procedure (I do. Agh! Add another $1k to our insane bills). I heard my phone vibrating and obviously had to ignore it. After everything was said and done, I checked to find a message from a temp agency needing someone to go to work in my town the very next day. It isn't much, but it's more than we had before and for that we're also grateful.

Right before all the chaos kicked in, I won tickets to see any Ballet West performance - they are the company in Salt Lake City featured on the show Breaking Pointe. I was thrilled for this, though obviously can't afford to get to Utah which was a bummer, especially since I had recently confided in a friend that seeing a live Nutcracker production had always been a dream of mine.

Well, Thursday, I won a facebook trivia contest - the prize being tickets to a Nutcracker production all of 15 minutes from my home! It's the little things.

On the way to said show, I checked the mail and found an anonymous card and gift "to help you in your time of transition." I thought it was an odd choice of wording; time of torment or trial often feels more appropriate. But, whomever wrote those words was right; things aren't how I would like them to be, but this isn't permanent...it's merely a time of transition.


  1. :) Little blessings like this are definitely what you need to give you hope in such a tough time for you guys!! Sorry about the dentist bills--those are no fun at all!

  2. It sounds like you've gotten some signs to help you through- maybe you can sell the Utah tickets? Keep thinking good thoughts...

  3. Yes to the last part of this post. I love when people leave things for others anonymously.

  4. Your attitude during this tough time is really awesome. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Saying a prayer for you!

  5. Oh it is so good to look at and be encouraged by the little things! Congrats on winning the contests and God bless the person who sent you the card! Still praying for you, friend!

  6. That's so great that something good has happened, even if it's not much. Maybe it's a sign that even better things are to come :-)


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