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November 7, 2013

Hi friends of Bekah!! I'm Amber.

I blog at My Three Bittles.
I'm 28.
I live in Ft Benning, Georgia.
I just spent 3 years living in Ft Wainwright, Alaska.  Yes, Alaska!  photo 431987_10150683632195365_1651172489_n_zps8fd9af1d.jpg
I have three small babies.
Fin is 6.
Miss Maddie is 5.
Owen aka Ollie Pollie, Ollie Pollie pants, Pollie pants, handsome pants, Ollie, fat baby, chunker munk is almost two.
He's in the army.
Has been for almost 10 years. (wow! That's crazy that it's been that long)
We have Bo the dog. We're the ring leaders of the crazy Mack house circus! Ha!
So let me just highlight a few of my favorite posts for you. My list of  "Rules" of blogland.
That mini series I did about loving your mom body.
Check them out.
There was that day that 306 almost got the best of me. That one was..... I'm glad it's over.
I talk about military life a little bit.
That time I told women to stop being trash.
Oh and that time I felt like Cinderella.
I highly suggest you just skim through all of those and then the labels at the bottom of the page.
My favs are the rants and raves, and the I keeps it real posts.
Oh and my rambles are pretty good too.  Just throwing that out there.
Now I'll bombard you with some pictures because who doesn't love pictures?!

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