what's in a mega voxbox?

October 22, 2013

I forgo my normal Tuesday post highlighting products I love to mention some products I don't. Not to fear, more Arbonne love is coming your way tomorrow!

Most of you know that I've been laughing my butt off at Influenster lately. After qualifying for two boxes, which were both duds, I'd had enough.

So, I did what any respectable blogger would do and wrote a scathing review.

Apparently, they love it when bloggers hate. I got this e-mail saying a reward was coming, and then a second e-mail saying more was on the way (I've also since qualified for a whole new vox box).

Well, the first box was a 4-pack of slim-fast (woohoo, I'll be using them in Arbonne presentations to demonstrate how bad they are). Y'all know what slim-fast looks like, so I won't waste time with pics.

I didn't, however, know what was in a mega vox box and googling came up with poor results. Just one user's YouTube video. She got some total crap and some OK stuff. That about sums up what I got in the mail today.

So, for any curious users, here's what Influenster sent me in my Mega Vox Box:

Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue shampoo & conditioner. Kudos to them for being full-size, but it's still rubbish. Already given away!

Nail art...not for me.

The mask actually says it's vegetarian, though I haven't had a good look at the ingredients.

Enough with the cheap crappy NYC cosmetics. Plus this one contains Petrol. Eww.

Weird, but I can always use a pen.

Yay! It's organic. Except it smells really manly and musky. Regift!

Goody Quikstyle brush. There's a microfiber-like cloth in the bristles. Not sure what to make of it. Likely also regifting.

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  1. You've made me want to look at the ingredients on some of my make up because petrol sounds gross....and scary!

  2. O wow! I have been wanting to try the quick style. Looks like you got some great stuff!

  3. I've gotten both the Kiss nail art and the hairbrush from them before. I don't use brushes in my hair (curls + brushes = disaster) but I've used it on my mannikins...a hairstylist can always use an extra brush, And I really do like the nail stickers...I do my nails a lot and those last a good two weeks for me. But I can understand why they wouldn't be so much your style!

  4. They just sent you some weird random stuff! I may be eligible for a mega vox box but now I am not sure if I want it lol

  5. Your Influenster adventures crack me up. I wonder what will be next! :-)

  6. I'm with Chelsee on the brush. I keep looking at it every time I'm in that aisle of the store haha.

  7. haha that brush has been interesting to me!

    But everything else, so weird...I mean the pen? oh geez


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