sean + bekah: the wedding,part II

October 7, 2013

Getting Ready

Photos from multiple sources including Victoria Wolcott Photography and Mary Bell Photography. Give them some facebook love!

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The truest advice any bride can receive is this: something will go wrong.

Yep. It's how it is. Anticipate it, deal with it, move on. Seriously. Don't be a bridezilla. It will never be perfect, so don't let your attitude worsen things.

The truth of that statement is why our pre-wedding prep pics are to a minimum. I had a 10 a.m. makeup appointment. At 10:30 I was informed my person called out sick. So, a stranger was left to cautiously do my makeup step by step to meet my approval, meaning it took twice as long as normal and we were already half an hour late. 

I knew I would miss my hair appointment, but that ended up not mattering - a bridesmaid called to say the salon lost two of our appointments...leaving me and the bridesmaid with me appointment-less as we were the ones MIA. She ran around the mall finding yet another stranger to get us beautified for the big day. During all of this, I received the best compliment ever:

"you are like, eerily calm."

Yep. I shocked the hairstylist. I came in and the first words out of my mouth were "I have to pee!" Not quite what she was expecting to hear from a bride who had been screwed over all day. Because I knew. I knew things couldn't be perfect, but I knew I'd have a husband at the end of the day and we'd be in Jamaica the next day. Let's get this wedding out of the way!

My hair wasn't was gross by reception time. I didn't feel as gorgeous as I would have liked. I didn't have my own fun hair and makeup pics to remember. Just a few pics snapped in the church before the ceremony. But my friends, as always, proved to be awesome, and I have an awesome husband! I'm good with that.

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  1. that sounds like a frightening experience Bekah... you make me shiver when I think of all things that could go wrong at a wedding :( and I admire for you being so upbeat and positive and not transforming into a Bridezilla :)

  2. You were an amazing bride!! I didn't have anything as traumatic as hair and make up issues but my aunt who was supposed to sing got step throat and the pianist skipped the part where my brother in law was going to sing in her place. The song was 'For the beauty of the earth,' but in the long run no-one even knew. From the pics your hair looks beautiful :)

  3. Wow!! I really admire how positive you are! I would be going crazy! And.. gosh, you are beautiful!!

  4. Hey! I'm a new follower!

    Congratulations on your marriage!! You seemed to handle everything with ease - I wish all brides would take that advise!! I love the yellow bridesmaid dresses - beautiful!

  5. so true that something will always go wrong! If you have a good attitude about everything, it always turns out fine - the point is just to have fun and celebrate! :)

  6. you are right- something will deinitely go wrong. i'm sorry your hair wasn't how you wanted it to be but it's so good that you were so positive!

  7. You make what went wrong at my wedding tame in comparison! I handled the cake mix-up and the flowers being pinker than expected well. I probably would've freaked out about the hair appointments though. But, yes. Something always goes wrong but as long as you don't show it, no one else knows. A kept telling me throughout the planning process that the only one would was going to remember the little details would be me and he's absolutely right.

  8. I think it is quite common for something to go wrong...

  9. it sounds like it was a long morning, but you pulled it through!! congratulations!! :)

    Hopping by from the Monday Mingling Hop!! :)
    Adri @ Adri's Thoughts

  10. Man, I can't believe that neither your hair nor makeup person was there! That's crazy, but yes, you might as well handle the situation with grace, because getting upset would only make you feel worse! (And that makes me glad that I did my own makeup and had my mother-in-law do my hair at home) Our little wedding tragedy was my matron of honor losing my husband's wedding ring 5 minutes pre-ceremony (after a frantic retracing of steps, it was found on the floor of the women's bathroom!).

  11. The dresses are SOOO cute. I shall live through y'all cause I could never pull off yellow. I always think if Murphy's Law.

  12. Oh man, you lost out on two appointments?? That must have been crazy! These pictures are still so cute though!

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