one of those days

October 10, 2013

I heard this on a personally low day and fell in love.


Some days are Katy Perry "Roar" days. Many days. Then some days are drastically opposite and I crank up the Plumb. Last night turned in to one of those days rather quickly. While I've found contentment in my unemployment, some things set me off a lot easier than they would otherwise.

I turned out of my apartment to go to choir practice, and saw flashing lights behind me within seconds. What the heck? I've barely accelerated, no way could I have been speeding. Nope. My headlight was damaged in an accident some time ago. I couldn't afford the repair then and I certainly can't now. The light is visible, but not enough for Mr. Cop. So now I have a ticket requiring my broke unemployed self to have it fixed in ten days. Great. Cue the tears and depression and hatred of life and the state of Maryland.

Yep. It's a Plumb night. But on a happy note, I'm seeing her live on Sunday! And if someone wants to pay my $500 deductible to have my car fixed, I'd be super happy.

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  1. I love Plumb! This song in particular is fantastic. I can't help but sing at the top of my lungs every time it comes on the radio. I bet she will be awesome live!

    Sorry to hear about your headlight. It seems that stuff always happens at the worst possible time! Keep your head up! :)

  2. Oh wow, haven't listened to her music in a good minute. Girl, come to Texas. In my old car I had a messed up light for ages. Police Officers were always night to me and each time is pretend I didn't realize it was that bad. And never got a ticket. But thank God I have a new car. Even if I struggle to pay for it some months.

  3. Oh Bekah! I feel for you so much. I really really do. That song makes me so encouraged when I hear it. I love it. I say this all the time, but I truly admire how positive you remain throughout all of this. =)

  4. Ugh! I would be so pissed! Glad you were able to turn it around into a good moment.

  5. We once got pulled over for a broken light during the day when our lights weren't even on. Certain areas definitely seem to have tighter patrols and regulations than others!

  6. Wow! I hate you are going through all this.


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