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October 3, 2013

Is it really October?  Wow!

I've got a brand new lineup of sponsors for the month, and all but one are strangers. It was a little intimidating, but I am excited to get to know each and every one of them and hope that you all do, too!

First to take the plunge is miss Hayley - enjoy learning about her below and see if you have any of the blogging loves in common that she mentions later in the post!

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Hi, re•solve readers!!

My name is Hayley and I normally blog over at A Beautiful Exchange, but I'm so excited to be here with you guys today!

I am a 20 year old mom of one, and I have been married for almost 2 years.  I really love experimenting with makeup, reading tons of good books, and getting lost in Target. My blog pretty much covers all of those things, plus anything else you can think of. I like to view my blog as all of my personal interests, hobbies, and family life all rolled into one! I love it that way, because that means more people can relate to me on different levels!

I have done a few DIY things here and there and you can check them all out here. My personal story is on the blog here, and the love story with me and the hubs is here, for all you mushy gushy folks. If you love to read, like I do, you can find my (almost weekly) updates on What I've Been Reading. If you want to get overloaded with cuteness, you can read all about my family posts here! Make sure you come over and check out the blog, I know there's something you can relate to!

So now that I have babbled your ear off about me and my blog, I thought I would share a little bit about why blogging is so great. In case you haven't figured it out for yourself, here's a few reasons:

You make great friends
I told my husband that I feel really lame whenever I say this to people about blogging. I guess it makes me feel like one of those people that sits in their house all day just talking to people that probably don't even exist in real life. I guess the difference for blogging is that the people that I "meet" on here give me quite a few glances into their real lives on their blogs! I know that they don't include everything, but I have made some great friends through opportunities that are out there for bloggers, as well as by just contacting someone I have things in common with!!

It's the age
Right now is the time to be a blogger. I mean, seriously. Everyone in the entire world is obsessed with social media. Those that aren't are at least (closet) reality tv junkies. People just naturally have a nosy tendency. How do you think all of the tabloids survive, people?

This is one of the main reasons I blog. I love that I can come to my blog and look back on almost every major memory that my family has made in the last few months. Some of Eli's milestones are recorded much better than they would be in some dusty baby book, plus, I get to share them with all of you!

An outlet
Blogging is something that is mine. I don't have to share my blog or my posts with anyone, but I choose to because of the community that is out there. It doesn't matter what you are going through, or what you are particularly interested in  (politics, DIY, makeup, books, product reviews, etc.) there is definitely a group of bloggers out there covering your likes! It really makes me feel great when I have people contact me saying that my story, or a post that I wrote, has truly impacted them! What an encouragement!!

These are the main reasons that I blog and I did an entire post on why blogging is so darn awesome once--you can read that here. Also, make sure you follow A Beautiful Exchange on Bloglovin', Twitter, and Facebook! I would love to have you!!


  1. Who would have thought I would have found two of my favorite bloggers in one place today lol

  2. I'm already following Hayley. Love her blog. :)

  3. Yep, already read her blog and love her.


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