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September 19, 2013

In the midst of all my Cara Box exchanges, I was paired up with a girl named Aleshea (pronounced just like Alicia!) whom I'd never heard of. (Actually, Out of all my match ups, I only ever knew one of the girls. Nicely done, Kaitlyn!)

I stalked over to Aleshea's blog to see what kind of person I'd be sending too. Then I got confused. I was reading about myself, only it wasn't my normal writing. But just about everything on her "about me" page was actually about me. Scary. Needless to say, we became fast friends, and I'm thrilled to have her both on my sidebar and sharing this yummy-looking veggie goodness (with cheese!) today!

Read on and enjoy!

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Hey girl hey. Wait, does that sounds as stupid on Bekah’s blog as it does on the many blog emails I send? Anyways, blogging out loud again. Let’s just move right along with this guest post. I got’s to keep y’all interested and not enough attention span to do so. I fail at the whole elevator pitch, so if y’all really wanna know about le blog than I guess you’ll have to click my baby face on Bekah’s sidebar. Y’all like that? I’m on someone’s sidebar and it didn’t cost me a dern thing. Take that Capitalism. Ohh, I feel like I’ve already lost some of y’all. But, seriously, I’m such an open stalker that y’all have probably already seen my nosy butt around here. Did I mention I say y’all a lot. But, it’s ok cause I’m from Texas. And you are never allowed to "Bless My Heart", take away my sweet tea or tell me hell no unless I say it's ok. Bam! So I guess that is my elevator pitch. 

But it's ok cause I'm a lifestyle blogger.

Stay with me and let’s keep trucking along. Here’s where I tell you that I like to post recipes, but before I do so, I usually post some awkwardly lit photo and tell some random story  But it's ok cause I'm a lifestyle blogger. 

When Bekah emailed me to guest post I was like what in le heck am I gonna talk about. Y'all I emailed her and ignorantly asked her if she ate cheese. I wanted to send her a recipe but didn't know with her being vegetarian an all. She emailed back and goes, "I'm not Vegan and I'm eating a piece of cheese right now." Whelp, that was that and there was no shame in my game. 

I've said it many times before but the ability to make a casserole is top of the list for every Southern Woman. If you can't whip up a casserole from the things rottin' around in your fridge/pantry than we have a serious problem. And today I haven't had enough sweet tea to help you along. Instead I'll just leave you with this yum yum. 
1  cups cooked rice
2 cans cooked kidney beans
Bushel of cooked Asparagus
red Bell Pepper
yellow  Bell Pepper
Orange Bell Pepper
Bread crumbs (optional)
Monterey Jack Cheese
1/2 stick of butter
1. Preheat the oven to 375
2. Boil the Bell Pepper until they are soft. Let cool and then chop them. 
3. Cook the Asparagus to your liking. I place mine in a skillet with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. 
4. Grease a pyrex dish and then cover the bottom with rice. 
5. Cover the rice with beans
6. Cover the beans with the Asparagus
7.Cover the beans with the Bell Pepper
8.Chop the butter and place it all around.
9. Cover the top with layers of cheese
10. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs and bake for 3o minutes or until cheese has browned.

Let me know if you try le recipe. Heck, or you could just let Bekah know. I'll see it on the count of me being her slacker. 


  1. this looks really really delicious and really pretty too!

  2. Haha! Lol!! Hi Aleshea...this recipe looks delicious, I'm a cheese lover also and I love saying y'all too, lol! Thanks for sharing...have a wonderful weekend!

  3. This looks awesome. I can't wait to make it!


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