counting my blessings + bucket list

August 29, 2013

Whether in a post or its own designated tab, bucket lists of one sort or another show up all over blog land.

Do I have one? Sure. It's in my head. Just like many of my mental notes-to-self, I only remember a few at a time, but it's there. Sadly, life has repressed a lot of it.

Ah, the joys of adulthood. Time is precious, and I haven't had enough until recently. Honestly, being unemployed at the moment has it's downfalls, but it also has its perks.

Before now, I can't tell you the last time I had a Saturday to myself. Many commitments and desires were pushed aside to make a living. Granted, it was a living I enjoyed, but the lack of personal time was a regular stressor.

As I've been job hunting, I've definitely been counting my blessings. It's nice to have time again to do the little things like visit with friends and do some extra cleaning in the apartment. I've even realized that some of those things on my list are finally taking place. They may be trivial, but they are something, and I am thankful:

  • Learn to can: It should be no surprise that my crunchy self has wanted to learn to can for awhile. I took one friend up on her offer last week and learned to can peaches. mmmm. I have 12 (well, now 8) pints to show for it! 

And this weekend, another friend is showing me how to can pasta sauce! Yay!

2 of those 4 already missing peach jars may or may not have gone into this yummy dump cake...
  • Shoot a gun. Whoa there! How did we get from crunchy Bekah to violent Bekah? I'm weird, I know. I've always wanted to try just to say I did it. Sean and I are good friends with a couple from the Midwest who grew up with firearms as a norm (they just love the Maryland legislation!). When the husband told his wife she needed to take me shooting to relieve my stress, I said YES! YES YOU DO! So, that is finally in the works! I will update when it happens and you can laugh at me then. 
Lots of other things are on the list. Some aren't immediate, but I can dream:

  • Visit Ireland
  • Visit every Disney Park
  • Eliminate all debt
  • Buy a house
  • Get a dog
  • Learn archery (there's that violent Bekah again)
  • Meet blog friends
  • Go on a cruise
  • Travel, well, everywhere!
  • Grow my Arbonne business - promote to the next level by the end of this year
  • Perform in a play again...oh how I miss theatre!
I'm sure there are many more that I will remember along the way. I just hope things don't stay on the back burner nearly as long in the future. 


  1. Totally with you on the gun thing, the Disney thing, blog friends thing, and a cruise. HEYYYY! Great goals. It's kind of crazy, but I think about Disney vacations more than a normal person should. Actually, multiple times a day. I just need to live there.

    Have a great Thursday!

    XOXO Fal

  2. I gotta get my butt to Disney. I've never been. I did archery in high school. We had an archery team. Girl... you gotta take a lesson some time. Totally cool & super fun! =D

  3. I used to shoot a gun! I haven't in forever though! ;)

    I so want to learn to can. I hear it saves lots of $$ Thanks for inspiring me with those lovely peaches. :)

  4. girl I love your bucket list...mine line up with a lot of those!

  5. I like your list, Bekah ... you sound like a fun girl! Those peaches look yummo and that gun shooting sounds like a great stress release :P

  6. I was just saying yesterday that as much as I love Mason Jars I never can anything and I need to learn. It's times like this I wish I paid more attention when I was younger and my Daddy tried to teach me things like that. I agree on having more time to do some things you have been wanting to try. Growing up in Texas I have shot a gun many times and still suck at it. My Daddy had guns in the house and from an early age he tried to teach us things cause he didn't want us getting curious one day and having an accident. My Momma hates guns and after he died she got rid of them quick fast and in a hurry. Well, look at me hijacking your comments. Excuse me while I go back to Big Brother and get ready for work.

  7. I have a growing desire to learn how to can things as well. There is a section in "The Joy of Cooking" cookbook I am working through and I can't wait to get there. Those peaches look yummy! You are such a motivated person, go you and your bucket list!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I'll be waiting to hear of your cannning experience!

  8. You've never shot at all?
    Like at all, at all? Is this a joke?
    Oh bekah, you'll have sooooo much fun.

    Was canning peaches hard?
    I want some.

  9. Yay for canning! I recently just canned some pasta sauce myself...I really need to devote more posts to my cooking adventures!

  10. Good luck with your Arbonne business! I just started an at-home business (Beachbody fitness products) and I know it's not easy.


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