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June 14, 2013

I was a good girl this morning: I went to the gym. I try to go twice a week. I know I should go more, but I do what I can.

Admittedly, I mostly do Yoga. Better than nothing! via

The gym is a huge perk of my job. It's a local, reasonably sized, non-chain gym. We have a company membership that gives us access to work out dirt cheap. I avoid a lot of big chain-ish gyms, because I don't treat the gym like a club and I hate crowds and the thought of people watching me. Ugh.

This place is just right. And thanks to my unusual hours, I'm able to go during non-peak times, which means a quiet, stress-free workout.

Or at least I thought it should. I'm not a gym veteran by any means, but I thought there as an unwritten gym code, per say. Maybe it's all in my head, because said code seems to get violated quite often. Know what I mean?


Take these examples:

  • Personal space: In most public places, the rule of personal space dictates that you sit at least one spot away from the closest person to you, except in peak times when all seats/spaces/whatever are in use. Then anything open is fair game. So why oh why, when I am the only person using a treadmill (there are 12, by the way, I counted.), would you get on the one right beside mine? I don't know you! You couldn't even move over one more?
Except I'm pretty sure you're not flirting with me...so please go away. via

  • Waiting for equipment: I realize that some people are very set in their routines and refuse to deviate. Get over it. It's not good for your workout to do things in the same order every time anyway. There are not twelve of each free weight machine. There is one of each. I get that. But there are MANY different ones to choose from. I saw you working out on the one I had planned to use, but that's OK. I moved on and used another one, and another...and then went back when you were done. At some point, I was going to use each of them anyway. Clearly you don't share my attitude, sir, because why oh why did I get up from a machine to have you standing behind me waiting when so many others were wide open? You don't get in shape by standing. Even worse, it was the inner thigh machine. I moved over to the outer thigh one, and you didn't give in. You claimed that machine instantly so we could both work out awkwardly while trying to avoid bumping knees. Thanks.
Yeah, these. Only with no space in between. Awkward. via
  • Waiting for equipment, part 2: You know the whole concept of lifting weights in sets? You know, l5 reps, rest, 15 more, rest, etc? (I know it is a faux pas to rest for minutes, but seriously, I count to 10 and get back to work) It's quite common, even recommended. Just like before, I am working out, and you, different sir, are staring at me, clearly ready to pounce on my machine despite the availability of others. I stop to rest, and you clearly don't practice that...I know because you glare at me five seconds in and actually ask me, "are you done with that now?!" why oh why indeed.


  1. I hate waiting for equipment!!! Ugh! I usually do like a rotation so my muscles have time to rest... I usually rotate between 3-4 machines. :) Kudos for going to the gym at least twice a week. I need to get back into the gym scene SOON! :)

  2. Soo true! That's why I usually never do gym. I've heard so many weird gym stories too! Like I had a friend who goes to a planet fitness and the guy using the machine in front of her just pulls down his pants and jogs in his underwear!!! EEEEEEEEEWWWW. Yes, this story has scared me from stepping into any gym!!

  3. Oh, how I wish I could go at non-peak times! People are so oblivious, it blows my mind!

  4. loooove this! I am telling you. There needs to be a class taught when you buy a gym membership...rules of the workout!

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