he wants to throw out my clothes! [newlywed game]

May 3, 2013

This week was co-hosted by Allison, and next week, I am so excited to be co-hosting with these lovely ladies! Be sure to come back and participate!

1. If you could go on any trip for your anniversary, where would it be?
Bekah – I have serious wanderlust so I’d be happy with just about anywhere that isn’t cold. Ireland and returning to our honeymoon spot in Jamaica probably top the list, however.

Sean – Ireland first, then maybe Jamaica (again) second.

2. Is there a chore that you don't do, but your spouse does, and vice versa?
Bekah – I feel like the majority of the chores end up falling on me, but Sean has stepped up in terms of caring for the bunny (feeding and cleaning the cage) because we found out I’m allergic to Timothy Hay which is her primary diet staple.
Sean – She does a lot admittedly. I organize and rabbit-proof all the wires.
Bekah – yeah, we learned that the hard way. Our first bunny didn’t chew wires as we were warned so we were more lax with the second who wasted no time in destroying our internet connection.

3. Is there a piece of clothing of yours that your spouse would get rid of?
Bekah – Technically all of them so I wouldn’t be wearing any! (oh, oops...I meant to say "censored!" Haven't needed to say that in a few weeks...)
Sean – Maybe all my old shirts I still have from high school. Other than that maybe my Hawaiian tourist outfit… matching blue and white hibiscus board shirts and short sleeve button down.

4. What does your dream house look like?
Bekah – One with a proper porch! Here’s a great example. This is in the town where we do our AT Days missions trip. I drool over this house every year!

Sean – I’m not picky but she is, so she picks out dream houses whenever she sees one, but the one in the AT Days town is her favorite.

5. Is there a movie that you and your spouse watch because you love it so much?
Bekah – I always have to watch Love Actually around the holidays, and he watches with me. We also enjoy Borat.
Sean Borat and Napoleon Dynamite may be our favorite mutual movies.

6. What are 5 songs that would be on your road trip soundtrack?
Bekah – We have very different taste in music. For compromise, we both like Jars of Clay, Ingrid Michaelson, The Lumineers, and songs from the older Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks.
Sean – Also Snow Patrol, Collective Soul, Rodrigo y Gabriella, and Jack Johnson off the top of my head.

7. What was your favorite date, either while you were dating or when you were married?
Bekah – We rarely have unique dates, though I did like our recent one to DC. Overall it’s the vacations and getaways I love best.
And of course we love Trail Days! This was our first year, less than a month before our wedding.

Sean – Any date I get to spend quality time with her (friends may be included).

8. What is your spouse's favorite meal?
Bekah – I ask all the time and he never has an answer! I guess he’s just happy I cook.
Sean – Funfetti cake. (oh how I wish this could be a meal!)

9. When your spouse is sick, what do you do to make them feel better?
Bekah – Try to ensure he has what he needs to be comfortable.
Sean – Keep her temperature comfortable, give her plenty of rest, force liquids/water, and get any crackers or food needed.
Bekah – He was amazing after my last surgery! He woke up around the clock to make sure I took all my meds as needed even though he still had to work. I couldn’t get my ear wet, so he washed my hair with a plastic cup so I wouldn’t feel gross.

10. What was your favorite gift that you put on your wedding registry?
Bekah – From the registry, our shower head obviously gets a lot of use and it feels like a luxury since we’re renting an apartment. I also LOVE our sheets – they are the softest thing ever and they feel so nice at the end of the day! Off the registry, someone gave us a “pick your gift” from Amway. We ended up choosing a fan which is in the bedroom. I don’t know what we’d do without it!
Sean – I can’t remember what was on the registry, but the sheets and shower head get used year-round and the fan at least ¾ of the year.

I had the pleasure of writing next week's questions. Take a look and get a head start:

1.Did anything go wrong at the wedding that you didn't find out about until AFTER everything was said and done? Please share.
2. Did the wedding make or break any relationships for you in the process (did you find that you respected certain person/people more or less?)
3. Having been married now, what new thing have you found out about your spouse that surprised you?
4. What does your spouse do that you find most encouraging? Where else would that encouragement help you?
5. Make a goal to do a nice thing each day for your spouse this week without expecting anything in return. What did you do, and What did you notice them do this week that you appreciated?
6. What was/is your spouse's favorite childhood movie?
7. What would be your spouse's "must-do" date now that nice weather and summer break are coming up?
8. Do you and your spouse have summer vacation plans? To where?
9. If you and your spouse could take one "skill" class (cooking, painting, motorcycle, etc), what would you choose?
10. If you could go back to your wedding planning days, what would you tell yourself? Would you have done anything differently?


  1. Replies
    1. Just to clarify, they are great questions, but they were courtesy of Allison at Fridge Grown Garlic. Mine will be featured for next week!

  2. Ooo... Your dream house looks a lot like my dream house! :-D

  3. that place looks beautiful!
    bahaha I love the answer about throwing out your clothes...I'd say the same thing but my husband does really like me in certain things so I guess I can't say all of them ;)
    that house is stunning! that's exactly my style
    ah and sheets! true I should have said that, we LOVE our sheets!

    Girl, I'm so glad you're co-hosting next week! Make sure you get in touch with karla to get the linky, she'll probably send it anyway :)


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