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May 14, 2013

I rarely post about my weekends because I rarely have one to enjoy. This weekend, my baby brother graduated college, which of course was non-negotiable! I took the weekend off and Sean and I headed down to VA for a (mostly) relaxing weekend!

We get very little quality time together with our work schedules, and I feel like we are already rushing. My brother had a Saturday morning graduation, so it was nice to slow down and take our time with traveling.

We started off with some quick errands and eating qdoba burritos in the car while we had an oil change. We were on the road about two hours later than originally planned, but oh well.

The downside to living near major cities is the highways affiliated with them. After driving on the beltway and a very backed-up 66, I jumped at the chance when we stopped for gas and realized the exit we'd taken was the one for Skyline Drive. This is yet another thing I have never experienced despite growing up in the area. We paid our $15 and enjoyed 60 miles of beautiful awesomeness! (The whole thing is 125 miles, but we were staying with family and thought it would be rude to arrive too late!)

We ended up arriving in Roanoke around 7 where we stayed the night with Sean's dad and family. We were in bed after a nice Jamaican dinner and too much sports on TV (darn men!).

The next morning it was back on the road for a much shorter (1 hr) drive to Lynchburg where my baby brother graduated from Liberty!

Crowded much? 

Before ever finding my parents during all this, I found my youth pastor and then brother!

Instead of calling names during the formal ceremony, they just did all the formalities and broke off into smaller ceremonies by program throughout the day.

We found this beauty hiding in the stairwell of his dorm. One last pic after packing him up!

Saturday called for storms which thankfully held off. We had a pretty nice graduation day. Then it was back on the road...where the storms found Sean and I in the last 2 hours of our (not as pretty as Friday!) drive. Oh, well. All arrived home safely.

Congrats, brother!


  1. Congrats to your brother! Looks like you had a great weekend..except for the storms!

  2. Love the pictures! Congratulations to your brother! What an accomplishment!!

  3. Yay for your brother. I kno he must be so excited

  4. Love all these great pictures! Looks like a great weekend!

  5. That's awesome! Congratulations!

  6. It looks like a beautiful drive!

  7. Skyline Drive is awesome!

    And I so don't miss driving the I95 corridor :-)

  8. Congrats to your brother! I graduated from Liberty last year!


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