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May 17, 2013

Sean and I don't have tv service. We do, however have hulu plus which we use to keep up on The Office together (and I keep up with Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast cuz I'm a geek like that). I've been in tears at the last few episodes realizing the end is in sight.

As I looked up spoilers for tomorrow's Office finale, (horrible, I know!), I realized the same fate is quickly approaching for my beloved Newlywed Game. Whatever will I do with my Fridays when this is gone? Thanks again to Karla and Veronica for this awesome and fun soon-to-be pastime and to Halie this week for coming up with the questions!

1. Which one of you (you or your spouse) can go without a mirror the longest?
Bekah – Sean. I could never be secure dating a metrosexual/prettier-than-me guy.
Sean – I don’t wear makeup, I’m able to comb my hair without using a mirror, and I only trim my facial hair every 5 days or so.

2. Do you have a picture of your spouse in a unique place (for example.. in the car, in the wallet, in your purse, in the bathroom?) and if so, where?
Bekah – hahahaha! I am so going to put one in the bathroom and see if he notices. The only thing I can think of is I made a photo collage as a gift when we were dating. It is hanging now in our walk in closet cuz our apartment is tiny!
Sean – Same answer, the one in the closet that includes us at her first Notre Dame-Navy game at Ravens stadium.

Took the picture as is. Yep, all crooked and forgotten in the back corner...

3. Complete the sentence.  "My spouse has more _________ than anyone else I know!"
Bekah – sexiness!
Sean – Stop it, lies. She has more needs for back pops/adjustments and “tummy rubs”.

4. Think back to your very first kiss with your spouse.  How do you think your spouse would describe that kiss in one word?
Bekah – quick?
Sean – She might say rushed. I was nervous.
Bekah - awww. didn't know that.

Enter obligatory kissy photo that is definitely not our first kiss (engagement pic)

5. Which one of these would your spouse say they are "ruled" by: Their heart, their mind, or their stomach?
Bekah – heart and tummy!
Sean – Heart first with mind a super close second.

6. What will your spouse say attracts the most attention toward you when you are in a large crowd?
Bekah – My boobs or my height probably. Or maybe my hair. I’ve been known to get recognized (by people who know me) from long distances.
Sean – She would likely say height or smile. I would say belching gets her some attention!

7. Without looking it up or asking....what is your spouse's zodiac sign? 
Bekah – Cancer
Sean – I thought it was the ram thing but she said wrong. Then I remembered Virgo.

8. What is the last food item that you both shared in bed?
Bekah – ummmm…no. we have glasses of water by the bedside and MAYBE a piece of candy, but we don’t eat in bed.
Sean – Water.
Excuse the ugly furniture. There's my beloved Ariel cup again! 

9. What would your spouse say is the first thing that you did on a date that showed them what you were REALLY like?
Bekah – I have no idea. He asked me to burp in front of him to demonstrate I was comfortable around him (oh yeah, I can out belch his guy friends. He can’t shut me up now) but I don’t generally do that on dates.
Sean – Probably when she came to a family party at my Aunt Kim’s.

What we're really like is plain ol' crazy...Disney circa 2007. Of course we aren't threatening family with fake Norwegian weapons...

10. What did your spouse say they wanted to do more than anything before you were married? Anything?
Bekah – Afford to live as a married couple? Idk.
Sean – I’m taking the question as what she wanted as a personal accomplishment for her. I would say graduate and have a full time job. She graduated with a very high GPA and honors, but that didn’t garner her a job in her field unfortunately.

Yep. All those cords for nothin'. Sigh.


  1. Haha you crack me up!! Love all the answers! :)

  2. I love these answers, it is always fun finding out more about my fav. bloggers!

  3. lol on #9! Belch it, girl! Way to go.

  4. awww we will miss it too! Glad you've enjoyed it!

    2, as I read everyone's answers I can't believe how weird I am! I really didn't read that question right at all! haha

    What did you major in?

    Loved reading this! Sorry I was so behind on reading!


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