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April 12, 2013

As if! We didn't make it to eight years together and nearly three years of marriage by focusing on the negative. This week's questions get a bit real in some of the nitty-gritty parts of life, but it is what it is and we still love each other!

1.What bill would you love to hide from your spouse if you could?
Bekah – I take care of all the bills so technically, I hide them all!!
Sean – Maybe the car gasoline bill?
Bekah- He has separate finances for his gas and spending so I can keep the bills straight, so I'm good since I don't see it.

2.If your spouse went out on a business trip, the very first thing you would do is…
Bekah – Schedule some girl time then get the house as clean as possible.
Sean – If it’s on the weekend I’d wake up and play GranTurismo5.
Bekah – Shocking. That’s what he does all day when I’m not home as is. (really, I ask him to do one chore on Saturday, usually taking the trash out or cleaning the bunny cage - I come home after an 8 hr. shift to find him on the PS3 with that one thing not done!)

3.What traffic sign best describes your spouse after a bad day?  (caution, yield, danger ahead… get creative here!!)
Bekah – Detour maybe? Worst case scenario, he isn’t feeling social.
Sean – There’s a sign once you cross back into MD from VA that says: No Texting, No Cell Phone Use. I’d say that one because I think it’s best that she gets out the frustrations verbally. So rather have than have the feelings pent up and her be sorta angry/frustrated all night I have to put away my distractions and pay attention to her.

4.What did your spouse’s friends say to watch out for before you started dating your spouse?
Bekah – Nothing. The relationship I had been in prior to Sean had been an abusive one. I had learned my lesson and now knew all the red flags. I think my friends knew that.
Sean – My dad told me to run when he first heard she was Baptist. Also, my best friend crudely asked me when I knew we'd get married: "are you sure you can f--- one p---- for the rest of your life?"

5.What is your spouse's dream car…what color?
Bekah – He is a car FREAK! He sees things on the road all the time and says he wants one! Any luxury sports car (he says that is wrong, and I should call it a performance sports car!) and also the Dodge Viper. He would have quite a collection if he could in many colors!


Sean – I made her revise the above answer as far as terminology, Lotus Elise/Exige is not a “luxury” sports car. For her it would have to be a Volkswagen Eos. She does like the Karmann Ghia convertible from Kill Bill: Volume 2 . So let’s just say any German convertible.

6.What specific sport or game would your spouse say that they are better at than you… and why do you think so?
Bekah – Sean is smart enough to not say he is better at something than me, but really, I grew up in a sports-loathing household, so he is better at EVERY sport than me. The obvious answer would be volleyball though if we need to narrow it down.
Sean Taboo. I have never seen anyone get six or seven correct answers within the time limit like she has.

7.What is the funniest thing that you spouse helps you do?  (helping you tie your shoes, prepare your toothbrush… something odd!)
Bekah – Neither of these are funny, but I LOVE them both and don’t know that all hubbies do them – he pops my back pretty much every day which feels so great! We both hate winter, but if we are both leaving around the same time in the morning, he will go outside and start my car for me so it is warm when I leave. 
Sean – If we head to the liquor store to grab me some beer (mainly so she/we can say hi to the store mascot, Chessie, an oh-so-loveable ham of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever) she’ll try to help me pick a 6 pack but I’m so picky I only select what she originally said about 25% of the time.
Bekah – Ha! I’m shallow- I point out beers if I like the name or art or something. So, I’m not offended. I rarely expect him to agree.

8.What do you think your spouse would say if they were asked what they like LEAST about being married?
Bekah – Less time for volleyball?
Sean – Not less time because of marriage, that’s solely due to work and occasional injury. Other than that my mess, and maybe [Bekah - definitely!] the quantity of beer I drink.

One of these things is not like the other: Sean's mom and I in (Epcot's) Mexico with our Margaritas while he once again opts for la cerveza.

9.Who do you get along with best in your spouses’ family and why?
Bekah – I’m so blessed. I feel like all of his family accepted me from the beginning (I met his mom on our second date and then cousins/aunts/grandparents, etc. over Easter – not long considering we started dating in late Feb!) I wouldn’t say there is anyone I get along with more than another.
Sean – Toss-up between her mom and her brother.
Sean & I with my bro - Kennebunkport, ME

10.Finish the sentence.  Sometimes, I get annoyed at my spouse because he/she always (blanks) when he/she (blanks).  
Bekah –  leaves his dishes/wrappers/bottles/whatever out when he eats!
Sean –tends to text me when I’m crazy busy at work with a job or trying to finalize stuff to meet the Post Office deadline.


  1. As always, some of your answers get me laughing like a fool!! I can really see how much fun you guys have. It seems that almost each question starts up conversation between you two that you may not have had otherwise and I love that! That is the whole point of this linkup and you both nail it every time!! :-)

  2. Hi Bekah! I'm your newest follower from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog as well!


  3. This is a wonderful post! Great idea!

  4. what pretty car he chose for you!
    perfect idea! I love the car starting...wish we left at the same time!

    loved reading through them all!

  5. I love the "No texting, No Hand-Held Cellphone" sign! We are both so busy that we have a rule when we get home: no phones! So we definitely need a sign like that in our house :p Do you think the state would mind if it went missing? ;)

  6. I loved reading this! And I love that you'll go to the liquor store to see a dog. That sounds just like me! This was really fun to read and I'd love to do the not newlyweds but living together version lol.

  7. I love all of your answers. I pay all of the bills too so I get to hide them all as well ;) Although, I'm a pretty big cheapskate so there usually isn't much to hide. My hubby does the same thing when I ask him to do a chore - if he gets started on a video/computer game I know the chore will never get done. Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I love this! What a great idea. You both seem so in sink with each other I love it and so excited to start following your blog!!


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