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April 19, 2013

I need to begin this week with some serious sponsor love. I look forward to this link up and it has all come about due to six degrees (or way less) of separation. I'm proud to now participate with both of these ladies and sport them on my sidebar:

It began with Kaitlyn @ Wifessionals: I found Kaitlyn because someone blogged about a Cara Box exchange. I knew  I wanted in and signed up immediately! I had a blast with my first box and am happily awaiting the end of round two!


When assignments came in, the blogger I sent to participated in this here Newlywed Game link-up courtesy of Karla @ Forever Newly Wedded. Sean and I have had a blast discussing these questions week after week.

Two of the nicest ladies and two of the most fun blogger programs ever. Be sure to check them both out and join in on the fun!

Now, onto the good stuff:

1. What are your spouse's top 3 favorite desserts? Do you make any of them?
Bekah – Of course I make them! I LOVE sweets and I love to bake. He requests the great pumpkin dessert most often, but also likes my spice cake and key lime dessert.
Sean – Angel food cake with strawberries, I want to say tomato sandwich because it’s her absolute favorite summertime lunch pseudo-desert, and kit kat bars. I’ve made the tomato sandwiches before which she said she doesn’t remember; maybe it was on this blog.
Bekah – you did mention it in this newlywed game. It’s funny that you consider it dessert…though it IS delicious.

2. What are your spouse's hobbies?
Bekah – Volleyball, volleyball, and volleyball with some Gran Turismo 5 on the side.
Sean – Blogging and animals.

3. What is your spouse's Love Languages?
Bekah – Thanks for bringing this up! We are both physical touch and quality time which makes things easy on us!
Sean – What she said.

3. What is your spouse's go-to music for the car?
Bekah – talk radio and old rock
Sean – She forgot alternative rock as well. She’s mostly top 40 with some indie stuff thrown in, she found Ingrid Michaelson and The Lumineers early on.
Bekah – Yep. It’s a point of pride but one of sadness. I am happy for their success, but very hipster esque in wanting to keep them to myself.

Why yes, that is a horribly unflattering pic of me, but yes, that is me with Ingrid herself!

4. What is one of your spouse's fears?
Bekah – I don’t think of him being fearful of anything. He did mention not ever getting a home when I asked.
Sean – Not having a puppy for our own. Not getting a house as well. Hand in hand

5. What is on your spouse's to-do list for the home? [So what are home projects your spouse wants to tackle? Or other projects, if not home related.]
Bekah – to get a home! Hopefully also to get the computer desk in a state where I can use it!
Sean – We need a home first. I finally accomplished cleaning off my old computer desk for the most part so she can blog. But for her to-do list I feel she wants a house. Although she did talk to her dad about building an above ground garden for our patio.
Bekah – Aww, he listened! It was too pricy…we’ll see if my $1 Target plants grow and take it from there.

6. What is your favorite date night activity as a couple?
Bekah – Getting food out or game nights with other friends
Sean – Stay-at-home date is dinner and The Office or movie. Another is Tuesday night game night at our friends’ church or dinner out or at a friend’s.

7. What was your first impression of your spouse?
Bekah – On our first date, he wore glasses and had that “smart” look. Not that he isn’t smart…but you know the type. I thought he might think he was more intellectual than me or better.
Sean – She was very cute just like her picture on Match. She didn’t put me off with her personality or lack of intellect so I wanted to get to know her more and go on another date. Our first date was a movie so I didn’t have to have an awkward first date dinner full of silence and not knowing what to do or say.
Bekah - My friends think the non-dinner part to avoid awkward conversation is hilarious!

8. What is your spouse's dream vacation destination?
Bekah – Ireland!
Sean – She wants Ireland as well, but for her I’m going to say Europe and also to go back to Jamaica (she says it whenever it’s cold outside).
Go back to this? You bet I want to!
Bekah – Yeah. I miss our honeymoon spot quite a bit and I also have serious wanderlust for anywhere I haven’t been so long as it isn’t covered in ice.

9. What was your favorite part of your wedding? Something you worked on, looked for, researched...just something you were proud of and glad to have.
Bekah – we were worried about not being able to invite everyone to the reception, so we had the receiving line take place in a “mini reception” with drinks and cupcakes and just relaxed socialization. It was laid back and I enjoyed it.

Sean – My absolute favorite part was how pretty she looked and to have the ceremony to make it life-lasting. Also another favorite part, yet sorta awkward (<- word of the day) was when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle and we made eye contact and they gave me a smile like they knew I was the luckiest man of the day. Almost all of them were married at that time so they likely just knew how happy their grooms were on that special day and perhaps they themselves remembered how happy they were that day.

Bekah – Wow! What a great ending to this week. We’ve been married almost three years and this is the first time I heard this piece about my bridesmaids. You ladies are awesome!


  1. Love you guys! And yes, the bridesmaids were awesome ! :-D

  2. Awwwww. That last question <3
    That is so cool you met Ingrid! Love her!
    I am with you on the home owning thing.
    & thank you so so much for the love!! :-)

  3. I'm really wondering in what type of world a tomato sandwich is a dessert....
    I also can't really picture my husband being afraid of anything. It is nice to have a guy who won't be scared when you are!

  4. I can't say I've had a tomato sandwich but I'm not sure about it lol
    baking is so much fun!
    yay for love languages!
    so you guys met online? that's awesome!
    awww sweet thing about the bridesmaids! You never know what men are storing up there in their little minds! lol


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