#12dc: the tree

December 11, 2013

Day three of twelve

Although a gazillion people put their tree up the day after Halloween this year, Sean and I stuck with our tradition of putting it up and decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving.

(So, this is a hand me down prelit tree and we love it, but each year a section of lights goes out...now our whole bottom is unlit. Can we fix this?)

We're just in a one-bedroom apartment, but we still like to make things festive!

Read about the ornament tradition, then check out some of my faves:

 photo linkup13001_zpsd63590aa.jpg 


  1. Angel wants a pre-lit tree but I'm always scared about the problem you have, with one section not working!

  2. We bought a prelit tree last year and we love it! It was such a pain to string lights on our little Charlie Brown tree. Now we just put it together, plug it in and we're good to go.

  3. We have a hand-me-down tree too and it's pre-lit and we had the saaame problem. Scott, (Mr. Handy Man) was able to fix it and I wasn't paying attention. But I think he had to replace most of the lights.. one by one.. it was a pain!!

    I love all the decorations. =) And the ornaments too!

  4. oh my goodness you have penguins everywhere, kevin would love you for it! haha
    your tree is awesome! We buy a real one, my family tradition, and I can't get over it. So poor husband just has to deal lol


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