Christmas: When Sean & I disagree

December 18, 2013

Day nine of twelve

Today is all about traditions. We all have them this time of year, no matter what size. For instance, it isn't formally declared anywhere, but I've certainly made watching Love Actually an annual Christmas tradition; I have to watch it at least once each December!

Growing up, our traditions were as follows:

  • Put the tree up on 12/10, my mom's birthday...but then my brother was born 12/15, so she gave tree day to him!
  • Go to my aunt's house Christmas day.
  • Go to Christmas Eve service at church.
  • After service, come home and go to said tree- everyone opens one gift!
Here's what they look like since marrying Sean (and maybe slightly before):
  • Put tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving (or as soon as we can if we travel that holiday)
  • Go to his aunt's house (and see all our families, whew!) Christmas day.
  • Go to Christmas Eve service at church.
  • After service, come home and argue about the last tradition on my first list.

That's right, Sean and I actually have something we disagree on. The Christmas Eve Tradition absolutely appalls him! Every year I stubbornly beg him and he stubbornly refuses. Agh. 


One gift? No. A less important gift? No. Stockings then? No freaking way!

We've been arguing on this one for years - even before we got married!

Finally, two years ago, I found what I thought could be a decent compromise:

A stupid present.

Sean and his dad have their own tradition of putting retarded, useless things in each other's stockings: shower gels in silly shapes, things found with inappropriate sounding names, a can of spam, fake blood....

(I totally asked Sean for more examples of gifts and when he texted his dad, he found out his younger siblings have joined in on the trend, buying Justin Bieber notepads and hooker-ish fake nails. Ha!)

Anyway, as you can see, we are nerds. We like to laugh over silly/stupid things. So, I proposed we each open one present from each other - a stupid one! He's still not completely sold ("we could open those on Christmas day too..."), but for the last two years, it's worked out quite well.

Now - give me some ideas for something dumb to give him this year!?

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  1. you could buy him some toilet paper with sudoku ;)))) or with money :D (please don't hit me!)

  2. Hahaha this is so funny! My family had the one gift tradition too on xmas eve. Scott on the other hand opens ALL presents on xmas eve. We do silly presents too! Haha

  3. This post cracked me up. I'm all for opening the one present. I've been tryin' to get a pic of the ornament collection before I publish Le post but it isn't going so well. I'l probably just hit publish anyway. Ugh!

  4. Dear lady,

    I have tagged you to the Sunshine Award :) More here:

    p.s. I have another Christmas gift idea :D knit a scarf for him :D

  5. I love the one present on Christmas Eve also! We used to do it when I was a kid and it was always PJs. So far dusty and I haven't done it yet though, maybe when we have kids we will start it again.

    P.S. I know this is super late lol


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