about that photo dump

December 27, 2013

Here you go! I fail at time management lately.

Someone suggested replacing the fuses on our tree...After running all over to find some and putting them in...2/3 of our tree is still unlit. 

The coolest ornament from this exchange.

Singing Christmas Eve Service

That veggie fritatta I posted? Here it is before going into the oven. It was devoured by everyone before I could take a pic of it fully done. No leftovers!
All that remained at the end of the festivities. I was uber stressed Christmas Day and got no before pics.

Really stressed. Didn't have a chance to put my contacts in or even get dressed. Aren't I lovely?


  1. So jealous of your service. I missed this year and I'm still sad about it. Stupid flu. And I still have to try this dish

  2. that veggie dish looks amazing!

    new follower/reader!
    - charlie a.

  3. That Christmas service looks amazing. I used to go to the Christmas Eve candlelight service but haven't been since we started going to A's family for Christmas since they also celebrate on Christmas Eve. I too was also pretty stressed on Christmas, unfortunately. I hope you had a good one though!

  4. That ornament you got is so awesome! :)


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