thank you

December 15, 2013

Well hello there, my silent blog lurkers. Apparently there are more of you than I ever realized.


I will rarely admit out loud that things are wrong; I certainly won't ask for help. Pride is a sin for sure, and it's one I'll not likely overcome in my earthly lifetime.

On the other hand, this experience has been a humbling one for sure. I didn't realize how many people we know actually read this blog, and relief has begun as a result of you doing so and learning of our recent trials.

2 of my 3 dental procedures (yay for separate billing) are paid in full, and the down payment on Sean's car repairs has been made. We've still got a ways to go but this has eased the stress more than you could imagine. God has provided through you and through this temp job, and we are so, so grateful.

Thank You.

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PS- you don't have to lurk. Feel free to comment, say hi, or let me know you're reading! ;)


  1. What a blessing for you guys! You are definitely loved!

  2. :)(: Hugs and smiles. You never know who you can touch. The world really is a small place

  3. honey I am glad to hear all is better :D hugs and kisses from The NewlyWed LadyBug

  4. Glad that things are getting better. Blessings to you.


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