candy cane man

December 16, 2013

Day seven of twelve

Sean: Did you see that candy cane man only has his huskies out so far this year?
Me: No. I haven't driven that way recently. But he left his angel up all year this year.
Sean: Really?

Doesn't work for me.

We don't know who candy cane man is. We don't even know if he's a man. We do know that this particular neighbor has a plethora of tacky Christmas lawn decor including these giant candy canes he hangs from his (her?)(not pine) tree. Of course, he added the rest of his decor, so feast your eyes.

It's outdoor decor day! I'm in an apartment so my decor is limited to a fresh wreath on the door. So exciting!

Yes. The door is brown and ugly. I promise the bow was much perkier before.

One day, we'll have a house, and we will have much more fun in the decor department, inspired by my list of do's and don'ts from my neck of the woods:

DO Keep it simple:

Clean, warm, and festive. Also won't kill the electric bill. Works for me.

DON'T Think LED's can replace classic white lights:

Yes, I'm all about green, crunchy, efficient...but look at the first pic then look here. Bleh. The Christmas "glow" is gone and replaced with a glaring, almost clinical look. No, thanks.

If you must have lawn ornaments, DO keep them to a minimum:

Again, nice and clean. I'm not a fan of most lawn decorations, but this one is simple and nothing about this screams "overkill!" Nicely done.

That being said, for the love of God, DON'T go insane with the lawn decor:

I mean, do you really think this looks good? Really? That's bright enough to keep your neighbors from sleeping at night and all those inflatable things look so sad during the day when they lie deflated on your lawn. Chill out.

DO Share your tree:

Trees are lovely and should be shared. I love driving by a house where their beauty is showcased in the window for all to see.

DON'T Share your lights if they don't match:

I see this all. the. time. Generally the person ran out of one strand and started with another. It's tacky. But in this case, the mismatch is on purpose. Those multi/white lights swap sides every second. But I hate it! It's not even symmetrical. Yuck.

DO Take advantage of your door, especially if it's red:

Sean and I drove around enjoying the lights and taking pics one evening, and on multiple occasions, one of us would comment "ooh, that's a nice door!" (another example being the first "do" in this post). If your door is already red, yay, your battle is already half-won. Slap a wreath on that baby and you look magazine-quality festive!

DON'T fake the bows:

The real ones look a lot nicer, I promise. They'll save you money on lights and electricity, too.

DO Remember the reason for the season:

'Nuff said.

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  1. We don't do outdoor lights...primarily out of laziness, probably. It's just never occurred to us to do them ourselves. But I love seeing them. And there is that one guy not too far away who goes really crazy with the's random decorations and lights all over the front and backyards and the house, it all stays up for the entire month of December pretty much, but honestly, it gives me a smile every time I drive by his home. Whoever they are, they definitely have a passion for random Christmas decor, and they go with their passion!--so I guess I don't mind that technically it doesn't look good!!

  2. "For the love of God!" I LOL'd when I read this. Like who can afford to have all those light up, blown up things in their yard!?

    › xo fal •

  3. I have that nativity set in the last picture. I love it's simplicity!

  4. My family had that same nativity! The one you showed at then.

    I like your list of dos and donts here. We actually could have decorated outside this year! BUT 1. we didn't get with it in time and 2. there are no outlets outside so 3. we never figured out how we wanted to do it.

  5. We have led lights, in blue. But, while they are bright, I don't think they're glaringly so, especially since we're the only house on our street that has lights. My husband bought some of those blow up things on clearance last year. I hate them, but he wants to be THAT house. He says it's for the kids...but it's really for him!

  6. there's folks around here and even miles away where people go to an extreme with the christmas outside decorating things. its ridiculous.

  7. There is a reindeer next to our house that looks super sad and deflated during the day. Maybe he feels a fit miserable and then not as ashamed in the nighttime.


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