Visions of Sugar Plums

December 10, 2013

Day two of twelve

I don't know what a sugar plum is. I've never had one. But, we all know that sweets are in abundance in December! At past jobs clients have loved spoiling us with chocolates and cookies galore - we were actually relieved and thrilled at two clients - one who sent a fruit basket and one who sent an Edible Arrangement - hallelujah!

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IIronically enough, a lot of the holiday goodies I love are store-bought which is funny as I generally detest processed foods. The first things that popped into my head were the melt-away mints from Hickory Farms (omg) and some delicious almond cookies from Trader Joe's. I can eat a whole box at once. Not good. Though, we all know that anything from TJ's at Christmastime is gold!

Anyway, onto goodies of the homemade variety:

The homemade goodies I love best are both the ones my mom made when I was younger - her homemade fudge and her snowball cookies. MMMM! She hasn't made the snowball cookies in years, and when I asked for the recipe this year, I cracked up. I had no idea they were so easy! I will be baking them soon!

Sadly I've been baking mostly birthday cakes lately, so I'll leave you with visions of the yummy Christmas snack I have made this year (and eaten 90% of!):

Yeah, yeah, sorry for the bad quality. They're cell phone pics. And the cookies are in my tummy so I'm not taking more!


  1. Cookies are my favorite treat! And since I have my sisters around, I've been delegating the baking which to me makes it even more fun. :P

  2. Cookies nom nom. When I wrote my letter to Santa on Sunday I baked cookies to help inspire. It didn't help that I was still banished to my house and ate them all in a few minutes.

  3. Nom Nom Nom! They look good! Love you sis!

  4. they look cute :D I wish my oven would work properly but the door keeps getting open :(

  5. You made me realize that I too would not know a sugar plum if I saw one! These look yummy though!
    -Rachel @ With Love, Rachel


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