If we were enjoying tea

July 25, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

The ever popular "if we were having coffee" posts are on many blogs. Of course, we know I'm a tea girl through and through. In this summer heat, we'd both be savoring glasses of iced tea and chatting about:


1. Theatre. Big surprise, right? I've enjoyed plenty of shows lately and there's more to come. I'd have to vent a little though—about all the people who are stuck on the movies. I've been running into this a lot lately and trying so hard to bite my tongue when people lose their minds that a play (you know, the original work) isn't the exact clone of a film. Gah!

2. Pets. It's been nearly a year since we brought McHenry home. While Anise has been intrigued by him from the start, he hasn't return the affection until very recently. First, we caught them snuggling on the couch (the day I've been dreaming of!). Then, McHenry took it a little too far when Anise recently required a pricey prescription diet for mystery tummy troubles. He couldn't be left out, so less than 3 weeks later, he was off to the vet for his own old man issues that resulted in...you guessed it, even more pricey prescription food. Well played, kids.

3. Family. I became an aunt for the first time nearly two months ago. In just a few days, Sean and I will be at my nephew's baptism. How time flies!

What would you have to chat about during our tea break?
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  1. Tea breaks are definitely more of my thing than coffee breaks! I'd chat about how my daughter and our pup are becoming best friends, how I'm grateful to have my wisdom teeth out, and how ready I am for fall!


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