August 2, 2017 Washington, DC, USA

Who: My mom & I
What: Once, the Tony-winning musical based on the film of the same name

When: November 2016
Where: The National Theatre, Washington, DC
Why: How can I say no to anything set in Ireland? The fact that I won the tickets was an added bonus!
Thoughts: This is going to sound strange, but I liked everything about Once except for the story line. The music was gorgeous, the fact that the cast doubled as the orchestra was amazing, and they had lots of cool visual elements. Even though the story told wasn't my favorite, the way they told it makes Once a show worth watching at least...once.

Have you seen Once on stage or screen? What did you think?

Listen to the gorgeous cast recording here, then check out the other shows I've seen on stage here.
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  1. I tried watching the movie and wasn't too interested, but the reason I wanted to watch was because of the music! Maybe I'll try to rewatch it one of these days.


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