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February 17, 2014

*Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary access to this course and compensation in exchange for review. However, all opinions presented are my own.

While I don't talk fitness much here, I do exercise whenever possible. Classes work the best for me personally as I feel more accountable in a group. I've tried it all: spin, step, zumba....but my long-time favorite is Yoga. Even if it doesn't melt the pounds away, I can tell the difference in my body in terms of balance, flexibility, and lack of tension when I practice regularly.

My yoga mat. Kindness is universal.

Admittedly, my favorite part of Yoga is the end - if you've ever taken a class, you know what I'm talking about - that five minute delicious nap before moving along with your day. Relaxation and meditation are just as much a part of yoga as the poses themselves.

Growing up Christian, the "meditation" word quickly makes people uneasy. I've seen the look of concern from other believers when they hear I enjoy yoga - the word evokes visions of chanting and other taboo activities in many people's heads. The Bible encourages us to meditate on things that are true, noble, pure...but bring up meditation from another culture, and you can see people start to squirm.

I can understand. The unfamiliar can certainly be outside of one's comfort zone. But meditation comes in many forms and some of them are certainly worth your time for your physical and psychological well-being. I see no harm in lying on the floor and picturing myself on a sunny beach or physically releasing the tension from head to toe. In fact, I enjoy it and feel refreshed at the end.

The bottom line is, explore where you are comfortable. I haven't personally experienced the "scary" meditation many minds jump to when yoga is pictured. So, when I was contacted about a holistic wellness siminar with meditation guru Deepak Chopra, I was intrigued.


What would it be like? Is this what they were talking about? I decided to give it a shot since it was completely web-based and I could decide what I did and didn't participate in.

Screenshot taken from Siminar.

I knocked out the first course of the Siminar one Saturday and quickly found that I had nothing to be concerned about. The principles presented were ones that most humans acknowledge regardless of religious belief. As a "crunchy" person, most of the ideas presented were ones I completely agreed with.

I won't spoil too much content-wise, but the course was easy to complete. Each section felt brief and the modules combined audio, video, and images/quizzes addressing both mind and body health:

Screenshot taken from Siminar

Oh, and the meditation? 3 minutes of exactly what happens at the end of a yoga class: "breathe in, breathe out, pause...." Not so scary at all. The course could have taken longer had I participated more thoroughly in certain exercises assigned, but as a 20-something familiar with the concepts presented, I didn't feel the need to engage.

The interactive Siminar retails at $29 for 6 courses focusing on mind-body wellness from altering your perceptions to maintaining healthy relationships, eating, and exercise. As someone who is passionate about holistic wellness, I was already familiar with the material presented, but also happy with it - for someone looking to live a "greener" lifestyle, this is a great source of introductory information in a non-intimidating/overwhelming setting.

image taken from screenshot from Siminar
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  1. Wow this sounds pretty interesting. I am always looking at ways to maintain a healthier perspective.

  2. My sister looooooves Deepak Chopra and always recommends him to me.
    I try to meditate from time to time but I'm not great at it. Baby Steps!

  3. This seems like a kind of cool thing.
    would you actually recommend it?

    1. I would recommend it to those new to or curious about holistic living. I'm not an expert by any means, but I knew most of what the Siminar presented - I consider the info legitimate and helpful but didn't gain a lot of new knowledge as someone who has been trying to live "greener" for some time.

  4. One of my good friends loves yoga and is always trying to get me to go to a class. The only yoga I have ever done is on the Wii Fit though. I always feel like I will make a fool out of myself though. Maybe someday!

  5. I used to love yoga and I haven't done it in so long. It feels amazing though, I do think it is great and can heal stiff muscles and soreness, just everyday blah feelings in my body. You've made me want to get into it again. Now if I can just get motivated...:)


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