the mushy "I love my hubby" post

February 3, 2014

Even though we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, I love entering all the contests! It's a fun chance to meditate on the positive  things about Sean and our relationship, plus...I like to win!

While this year's contests I've entered have an easy "share your love story" theme, last year I won a contest by sharing why I love Sean. Again, it was a great time of reflection. It was also a reminder and realization not to forget the details - it was so sad to see other entries from people who'd been together for years who couldn't name specifics beyond "he is nice, he loves me, etc."

So, this is my exercise in not forgetting. Sean deserves appreciation for his awesomeness. And even though this year I didn't have the opportunity to list his qualities in a contest, Brianna has an awesome monthly link up that does the, here are the ten things I love about Sean (#7-10 being the exact entries I wrote for the contest I won last year!)

Endlessly BeLoved  

      10. Sean is tuned into me, even in sleep; I have woken up to find him scratching my back, and if I say something to him, he answers (even if he doesn't know it).
        9. He has proven himself true in his vow of "in sickness and in health" to the point of washing my hair for me with a plastic cup (toddler-style!) when I couldn't do it myself because of an ear surgery. On that note, he woke up every four hours despite his own work schedule to make sure I stayed on my medication schedule.
          8, While many people don't support my decision to pursue an Arbonne business part time, he buys flowers for me for each event I host as a way to say "good luck."

            7. After two and a half years of marriage and nearly eight years together (in February!) he still greets me with a hug and kiss at the end of the day.

            6. He is adorable with animals and kids alike. Watching him interact with either species always brings a smile to my face.

            5. He hasn't gone crazy with all the changes I've made in my life. I mean, going vegetarian was a quick and drastic decision. Not only did he take it in stride, he even tried it to an extent with me (we consider him a flexitarian now)

            4. We can still laugh together. We've only been married 3 and a half years...but we're coming up on nine together. Yet we still have fun and laugh a lot at a time where many couples are just roommates.

            3. He takes risks with me. I was without a job for several months. I finally got an offer but I wasn't 100% about it. We talked through it and he agreed I should say no and keep waiting for the right opportunity even though we really needed the income.

            2. He loves me. I know, I said it's a boring and generic statement earlier in this post, but here's the thing - I've met people he works with for the first time and the first thing they tell me is "he loves you!" Wow. That says a lot. A lot of men vent about their wives or don't talk about them at all when they're at work or away from home...clearly whatever he's said from day to day left quite the impression. It's good to know.

            1. He loves the Lord. We have and will fail one another. But we serve the same God and sharing that faith only strengthens our bond.

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            1. Aww! Sounds like you got a great guy :) & laughing together is one of the best things I think!

            2. This is a great way to reflect! I'm happy that you have a man that is perfect for you :)

            3. It's a very good thing to have a husband who supports you in many different areas of life! It sounds like he's a blessing to you!

            4. Yep, he's a keeper! And you know I loved the list. I just always picture him readin' my comments and shakin' his head as he walks off to another part of the house.

            5. Awh! This is too sweet. You guys are precious. I loved this! Thanks for linking up! :)

            6. Aww! He reminds me of A in the way in he does things for you! It's so great that we both have such good guys :-)

            7. He sounds so sweet and supportive! Love!

            8. Aw this sounds so sweet! I love reading posts like this one. Congrats on winning the contest!

            9. Aw, that is so sweet that he washed your hair for you when you were sick.

            10. Love this post, Bekah! I think you found a keeper for sure. :)


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