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March 24, 2013

When I received my Cara Box from Britt, I really enjoyed reading the note that she'd sent along with it. I could tell she'd taken the time to read my blog from start to finish (thankfully, it's only a few months old and thus not too high in post count!).

I was surprised when she singled out a post of mine; it was the first one I'd ever written. I hate intro posts and about me posts because they are awkward to me. But they have to be done. Out of any post she could have chosen to jump out at her, that was the one.

I vaguely remembered what I had written, so I decided it was time to go back and revisit it myself. There it was, the talk of how resolutions are always broken so it was a shame I was beginning the blog in January and yadda yadda...
Basically, the idea was that I was avoiding this!

I shared three resolves that are currently shaping my life, and ended with this statement:

"Throughout the year, I resolve to share how I have acted on these resolves, and to share the new ones I make, with or without occasion!"

Whoops. Hopefully my posts reflect how I am living these things out, but I haven't really sat down to go over the nitty gritty of each and how I am doing. So, if anyone else actually read my intro post and was curious, here goes:

  • "Start my Arbonne business. I had to take time off in July for a surgery just after I had returned from an unpaid vacation. I couldn't afford to be gone so soon again. I needed something more. I love Arbonne's products and resolved to give the business a try. This year, I renew that resolve by seeking out growth in my new business."
Well, I still love Arbonne. I hope that is clear in my recent post on how Arbonne was a catalyst in my decision to go vegetarian. I make a couple bucks here and there and LOVE using all of the products. Honestly though, I can't say I've grown as far as the business aspect. I hate to ask for things, and success here starts with me asking for others to help get me started (hosting events, etc). I clearly need to keep working on this.
  • "Use more holistic products. Using Arbonne has inspired me to extend my use of pure, safe, and beneficial products beyond my skincare and makeup. Pinterest has made this easy as well as other organic companies. I began to clean with vinegar and make my own laundry detergent. I try to drink more water and reach for badger balm or other remedies before popping painkillers. This year, I resolve to continue and grow the habit."
Most of the products I use are from Arbonne which are safe, and I have continued on with the self-made laundry detergent, etc. I haven't stopped using any of these and I certainly notice a difference when I am in stores. I SKIP many aisles and don't even consider buying most of the products there now. My mind has   definitely been changed in this area and I feel like I am in a good place.

  • "Eat Better. Around the time of my surgery, my doctor not only pointed out that I was now considered obese, but that my triglycerides were alarmingly high. I was advised to give up sweets (ha!) and red meat. I resolved to do the latter, only eating it if served at another's home. This year, I continue the resolve and take it further by expanding recipes and incorporating vegetarian and vegan meals into our home."
I think this change is the most obvious. If you are a new reader, I will clue you in: I went completely vegetarian shortly after beginning my blog. It's been a little over two months now. I feel GREAT! I will be honest and say I still like my sweets and occasional junk food, but going meat free and cutting back on the other animal based foods I was eating has made a huge difference! I feel great, and again, have really adjusted my mindset in terms of what I eat.

 I went beyond incorporating vegetarian/vegan meals to making them the norm. My hubby has also cut back; I love that he is doing this alongside me! 

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  1. These are some great resolves. A healthy lifestyle is so important. I've thought about being an Arbonne consultant but I'm like you - I hate to ask people for things.


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