cara box: march edition

March 27, 2013

Last month, while doing some blog snooping, I came across a post from a girl discussing her Cara Box for February. I don't remember which blog or what was in the box, but I did know I loved the idea and wanted in. I promptly headed over to Wifessionals (great blog!) and threw my name in the hat for March.

Cara Box

Cara Box is essentially a care package version of pen pals. Bloggers are matched together and get to know each other a short while before sending inexpensive gifts of encouragement out.

Each month, a theme is assigned to the boxes to make things more fun. This month, we needed to get to know our partners well enough to choose gifts that began with the first letter of their name.

I was assigned to Becca (awesome name!) over at Faith, Love, and Babies.

To check out the deets of what I put in her box, check out her post here.

Assigned to me was Britt over at I was very pleasantly surprised in regards to how well she studied my blog and chose fun things that I am enjoying:

A reusable bag. Super cute...and green!

Photo brackets. If you've read my bio, you know I work with and LOVE dogs!

Beautiful Day - a new BBW fragrance for spring!

Baking cups - little does she know I was recently mad that I wanted to bake cupcakes but had run out of these, yet again.

Basil and Beans...I love the idea of growing my own food. Here's to hoping my black thumb turns green!

A fun note of encouragement - her last line was the best!
"I ate steamed vegetables for dinner. Just vegetables. Somewhere, my mom is grinding her teeth wondering how you did it..."

I absolutely loved the items Britt chose and I can tell she really paid attention to this here blog and put major thought into it. I'm so excited to continue participating! If I've piqued your interest, head on over and sign up yourself. Even non-bloggers are welcome!


  1. I love how she packed the box!!! It reminds me of an easter basket (:

  2. Don't you love it when someone takes that extra effort to actually get to know you? It's an awesome box! :)

  3. That little bag is adorable!! And I have a black thumb too no worries!

  4. Love those pop art puppies! I volunteer with dogs! Very cool!

    ♥ Miss Angie
    My So-Called Chaos


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