re·cent awesomeness for Baltimore!

February 4, 2013

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Here in Maryland, most of us are quite happy due to a certain special event on Sunday evening. :)

image via Kevin Moore Photography

I had a nice, low-key time enjoying the game with some in-laws, two of whom are also vegetarian. Check out all the yummy snacks:

Who says you can't have a good party without meat? All of that is sans-meat except for the crab dip (this is Maryland, after all. However, I am a Virginia native who never cared for seafood so I did not partake.)

As promised, keep an eye out for recipes this week. I contributed the cucumber sandwiches and roasted brussels sprouts (yes, brussels sprouts!). I may also have to steal and share my mom-in-law's salsa recipe which has been a favorite of mine for years!

What was your go-to snack for the night? Favorite moment of the game?

Hope everyone has a great week regardless of who you rooted for! In the Walsh house, everyone is satisfied including the bunny!

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