Eight Years!

February 23, 2013

Today is why Sean and I have never celebrated Valentine's Day. Eight years ago today, we made our relationship official. It's crazy to think we've been together so long; I was only 19 and he 20, but we've enjoyed all of our time together.

In the spirit of nostalgia, here's a photo from each year together!

2005 (September): Navy vs. Maryland football
(The first of many Navy football games together!)

2006 (November): Our first "formal" photos taken together

2007 (June): Disney World with Sean's family
(I'm sad to look back and see we have very few photos together from this trip)

2008 (June): At one of many mini golf places in Myrtle Beach

2009 (Spring?) Official Engagement Photos
(We got engaged December 2008 - Photo by Meg Moore)

2010 (May): Our first missions trip together - Appalachian Trail Days 
(we've gone three years straight)

2010 (June): I'm kinda cheating with 2 pics this year, but we got married!

2011 (June): First anniversary photo shoot
(Both wedding and anniversary pics were taken by the awesome Victoria Wolcott)

2012 (June): Vacationing in Maine

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  1. You've been to Maine!!!! I am offically jelly of you. Oh so jelly


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