celebrating birthdays, non-blogger style

July 6, 2015

Sean turned 31 yesterday. We enjoyed his last two birthdays over weekend getaways, but opted to celebrate at home with friends and family this year since we have a real vacation coming up this summer (my first cruise ever! can't wait!).

Sean's birthday, circa 2013

Friday was full of snacks and games with friends, Saturday was full of lounging and fireworks-watching (if you were wondering, Anise does not like fireworks), and Sunday was dinner and World Cup viewing with family.

There were plenty of opportunities for photos and recipes that could have been turned into blog posts. I took advantage of none of them. My camera remained in it's case and my phone was rarely in my hand.

I missed out on more traffic-worthy content, but every moment was enjoyable and it was wonderful to be present. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy birthday, babe!

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