revolution: saving more than our oceans

June 15, 2015 Baltimore, MD, USA

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Informative media has the potential to change lives, communities, and generations.

I remember watching Whale Wars with Sean and being horrified at the mass executions happening in our oceans. I remember watching Forks Over Knives and being shocked at the scale of fish farming (and equally glad that I'd never been one to eat seafood).

When I was offered the opportunity to screen Rob Stewart's award-winning environmental film Revolution, I knew I'd once again feel shocked and appalled, but I knew I cared too much about our environment to say no.


Part nature film with stunning cinematography of both land and sea, part documentary with footage from environmental protests and conferences, Revolution is Stewart's second environmental film (he also made the film Sharkwater) and offers sobering data far beyond just the decline of ocean life or melting of our glaciers.

soft coral scene2.jpg

In fact, there is a much bigger picture which only makes sense. Our environment is a whole, and if one component suffers,  it is only natural for suffrage in other realms to follow. It is dangerous to observe the extinction of some species and think that as humans we can act and live as we please without being at the same risk. Critical issues including ocean acidification, deforestation, climate change, and overfishing are all exposed for the threats they pose to the earth and life upon it.

Brazillian Rainforest.jpg

Revolution is a stunning view of our world, a devastating wake-up call to the fact that it could be lost, and thankfully, an encouraging call-to-action reminding us that we still have time to act in order to reverse the anticipated bleakness.

Just as Forks Over Knives motivated me to continue my vegetarian diet to improve the health of my body and the environment, Revolution has the capacity to inform viewers on the true state of the environment which is the first step in acting towards necessary change.

Starting is simple; watch the film for yourself here!

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