Lindt it started with HELLO! #spon

September 23, 2014

Many thanks to Lindt HELLO for sponsoring today's discussion, and for giving my readers the opportunity to win sweet prizes!

Meeting my husband started with "hello."

OK, so it really started with the "wink" feature on it didn't take too long for a hello to follow!

That was in late 2004....almost ten years ago! We lived in different states and had no idea what that "hello" would turn into. But, we all can see in this case, it resulted in something very sweet.

Know what else is sweet? Chocolate. C'mon, you knew that. You don't need me or anyone else to push the good stuff on you. Lindt chocolate is delicious, and they certainly don't need my help in spreading the word to you smart readers. But, just like Sean and I, Lindt knows that a sweet and beautiful relationship starts with "hello." in this case, say “hello” to the enticing flavors of the Lindt HELLO collection:
  • Caramel Brownie: Discover the irresistible combination of smooth milk chocolate, hazelnut and caramel brownie filling
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Satisfy your cheesecake craving with rich milk chocolate and a light, fluffy strawberry cream cheese filling.
  • Crunchy Nougat: Smooth milk chocolate,– now that’s yummy!  
  • Cookies & Cream: Chocolate, cookies – and a crunch!  Savor a chocolaty experience like no other, with chocolate chip cookie pieces and cream filling.
I may or may not have a stash in my desk drawer...

The fun thing is, you can enjoy this new chocolate from Lindt in any capacity from just a nibble to full on splurge - these 4 indulgent flavors come in bars, sticks, and minis!

I love how the chocolate minis are small enough to enjoy at my desk (and share- every connection starts with hello!)

Know what else? Lindt wants to give you some of this sweetness! They are offering five weeks of prizes including their sweet chocolate and a sweet way to connect with others (shopping spree, anyone?)

I clearly don't need to keep talking here - eat some chocolate, enter to win, and when you do, remember that #itstartedwithhello!

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