The Electric Blanket Saga

January 13, 2014

Every winter, I complain about the cold. I don't like it!
Every winter, Sean retorts that we could remedy the awful cold with an electric blanket.
And every winter, I retort his retort with "No way! I don't want to die!"

There must have been a tragic news story that happened in my childhood, because while I don't remember anything specific, it has always been ingrained in my mind that electric blanket=bed fire & sudden tragic death.

No, thank you.


This happens year after year...and we've been together almost nine years now.

At a game night with friends, (apples to apples maybe?) electric blanket came up in the game and thus this discussion. My friends assured me that they don't make electric blankets like they used to and they are perfectly safe these days. You can even wash them!

Combine that with having minimal gift ideas for Sean and the knowledge that this winter was shaping up to be colder that usual for the region, I decided an electric blanket would be the perfect gift for Sean for Christmas - and he would definitely be surprised after all these years of refusal!

On black Friday, I got online, armed with coupon codes, and ordered the perfect blanket. On Christmas Eve, I set it up, put it on our bed, and turned it probably level 2 of 10. I still wasn't totally comfortable.

We exchanged our stupid presents and went to bed. He didn't notice/say a thing.

The next morning, as I fumbled around to get brunch preparations underway, I heard:

"Did I find a Christmas present!?"
"Is that an electric blanket?!"

He was happy and surprised as I thought and I even got comfortable enough to turn it up to level 4. I even saw a cheap throw version online and bought that for the couch. We were warm and not being burned to death, so all was well.

Last week, while facebook surfing, I saw a healthy living quiz. You know my crunchy self couldn't avoid taking it. Of course, the usual suspects were on there: "do you use synthetic air fresheners or plug ins? do you use chemical cleaners in your house? do you use an electric blanket?"

Wait, what!!?? Why are you asking about our shiny new bundle of warmth?

I started frantically googling, only to find that I was right all along.

Electric blankets DO equal instant death. Just not the way I imaged.

Guess I'll have to go back to this to keep warm:

The End. Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I did not even know that it was bad for you! Sheesh! We don't use one but my parents always have. Crazy!

  2. haha oh my what a crazy turn of events! My mom LOVES her and I think she would die without it haha

  3. Yikes scary about the electric blankets!! I sit on the couch at night in socks and wrapped in a furry blanket...our house is so drafty :)

  4. Woah, I have always dreamed of having an electric blanket but now I am glad I've never gone through with it!

  5. I love my electric blanket! We have had it for over a year now, and have not had any problems with it! I would say it was one of the best purchases i ever made!

  6. Yes to this story and the way you wrote it. But
    I bet you were warm

  7. I'm not surprised by that. At all. It's just like a cell phone or microwave. Anything giving off any sort of radiation that close to your body is bound to be bad for you!

  8. I once left my electric blanket on when I went away for 4 days. Imagine my shock and relief when I returned home late at night to a toasty bed!

  9. That's very interesting. We do have an electric throw, not for use in bed but sometimes on the couch...the reasoning of why they aren't great for you does make sense to me! Oh well, I can always just pile 4 or 5 blankets on!

  10. So funny to listen about the electric blanket saga. But it is amazing. It is interesting post!

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