The King's Speech at National Theatre DC

February 13, 2020 Washington, DC, USA

Who: Amy & I
What: The King's Speech, the original play that inspired the 2010 film starring Colin Firth
When: February 2020
Where: National Theatre, Washington DC
Why: I love a good play as much as a good musical...even if I don't see them as often


The journey taken across the pond to bring this story to us was a long one. In researching the simple question of "what really came first, the movie or the play?" I was led to an article stating that David Seidler began researching this story as early as the 1970's (he paused and later resumed work because the Queen Mother asked him not to pursue the project during her lifetime).

A script reading for the play prompted a film director to take notice, once again putting the play on hold to make way for the 2010 film. The play eventually hit stages two years later, but only now are we Americans enjoying the privilege of seeing the play stateside: the North American debut happened in late 2019 in Chicago, and the DC debut is this week at the National Theatre followed by a stop in Hartford, CT. Here's to hoping more performances are to come.

If you liked the movie, you will like the play. If you enjoy shows like The Crown, or even Downton Abbey, you will like the play. Amy and I watched and the movie 2 days ahead of coming to DC for the play and while I'd recommend allowing more space between viewings, it was fun to see the similarities (some scenes felt like they were lifted right from the screen) and differences (we loved that Lionel had more of a backstory in the play) throughout.

If you're in or near DC, The King's Speech will run through Sunday, February 16. The production is recommended for ages 13 and up. Tickets are still available online, or if you're feeling lucky, there are 20 $25 lottery seats available for each performance. Individuals must be present 2 hours before the show, with cash, to redeem the offer.

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