RENT 20th Anniversary Tour at National Theatre DC

November 13, 2019 Washington, DC, USA

Who: My neighbor & I
What: the 20th anniversary tour of RENT
When: November 2019
Where: National Theatre, Washington DC
Why: No day but today!

Thoughts: My first viewing of RENT was the 2005 film. My second was a community theatre production nearly ten years later. I was thrilled to finally see a full, professional production and it did not disappoint! It's now been over 20 years since RENT's Broadway debut but the story holds up as well as ever—it's easy to see how it is still relevant today. At the same time, there's a huge nostalgia factor for me personally as a 90's kids. The costumes always make me grin, especially the ensemble member wearing JNCOs!

The show just opened, so you have all week to grab tickets and enjoy the show at the National Theatre—it's here through Sunday, 11/17!

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