Mean Girls on Broadway

September 3, 2019 New York, NY, USA

Mean Girls Broadway

Who: My friend Amy & I
What: Mean Girls, Broadway's musical adaptation of the popular 2004 film
When: August 2019
Where: August Wilson Theatre, New York
Why: Three free shows wasn't enough so we bought tickets to two more. This was one of them. So fetch!

Mean Girls Broadway Stage Door Burn Book
On Broadway, we wear blue!

Thoughts: Confession time. I've only seen the movie once. It was so hyped up that by the time I saw it, I just kinda felt "meh" about it. Still, I know and enjoy the popular lines as much as the next girl and felt that a Broadway adaptation could be fun. Oh, and we got an amazing deal on our tickets.

Guys. The show was so much better than I expected. With Tina Fey on board for the show, they included all the classic moments from the film with a fun Broadway twist. Who knew you could do dance choreography with cafeteria trays? Or have an entire number dedicated to sexy Halloween costumes? The story was told well, the talent was amazing, and the songs are still stuck in my head -one of my ultimate indicators of musical success. Really, listen to the cast recording!

Seriously, I thought this would just be a fun fluffy show to enjoy during our trip, but of all the musicals we saw on this trip, Mean Girls was my favorite! Guess it's time to give the movie a revisit.

Oh, and shout out to the theatre for fun details. Seeing this in the ladies' room made my day:

Mean Girls Broadway Bathroom

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