Five on Friday: I Won a Broadway Getaway to NYC!

August 23, 2019 New York, NY, USA

Happy Friday!

Earlier this year, I received the news that I'd won a trip to NYC courtesy of Broadway Across America. Last weekend, My friend Amy and I were flown to the city last week where we were put up in a hotel for three nights, given tickets to three shows, and taken on a walking theatre tour. To really make the most of our time in the city, we opted to take the bus home instead of an earlier flight so we could have even more time to see shows and play tourist the city.

1. Broadway

Hands down my favorite NYC activity! We saw five shows over the span of four days: Moulin Rouge!, To Kill a Mockingbird, Mean Girls, Oklahoma!, and Frozen. Reviews will be up soon!

2. 9/11 Museum

My first visit ever to New York was post 9/11 in 2007. I've visited the memorial sites at the World Trade Center, but never the museum. Thankfully, neither had Amy, so we spent our first morning in the city there remembering.

9/11 museum mural

3. Central Park

Before this visit, I'd only seen the southernmost section of the park. We decided to rent bikes so we could explore more thoroughly for a few hours. The weather was perfect for this! We enjoyed catching a nice breeze and lots of pretty views.

Central Park skyline

4. The High Line

Possibly my favorite free NYC activity. I love walking and this is such a beautiful green space! It was fun to see the changes since I last walked it with Aleshea a few years ago. We also took some time to explore the Chelsea market while in the neighborhood which was a first for me!

The High Line NYC art installation

5. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty

Somehow, neither of us had been to either of these iconic NYC stops despite multiple visits to the city. We remedied that this time around. However, we made a few mistakes, so learn from us:

  • We assumed this would be a quick, half-day activity with time to spare before our 3 PM matinee. Nope. Between ferries, crowds, and exploring, we had to rush both stops. We could have easily spent a fuller day between both locations.
  • I'm usually good about booking tickets from the source, but since this was a last minute decision, we booked a package via mobile to the source Google recommended which charged us a huge markup that didn't include everything (and still they tried to upsell us further!). Buy your tickets directly from the Port Authority ahead of time!
Ellis Island

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