Stitch Fix Plus: Round 11

November 8, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

Because of my style pass and need for more cooler-weather pieces, I've increased the frequency of my Stitch Fix shipments recently. For my 11th fix, I opted not to request anything of my stylist. It's weird, but I've noticed the fixes seem to be a better fit when I don't ask for anything specific. I was also given a different stylist from the last fix, so it's always interesting to see a new person's take on what I might like. 

If you're new to this blog or to Stitch Fix, it's a handy styling service where a stylist picks 5 items for you based on preferences you've noted in a style quiz. You try them on at home, keeping what you love and sending back what you don't. a $20 styling fee gets this started, and it's applied to any items you keep (or you can use my referral link for $25 off your first fix meaning your fee is waived and you get another $5 towards whatever you like!).

Here's what was chosen for me this time (I checked out before I remembered to grab all the prices, but pretty much everything was in my preferred range this time):

Papermoon | Arin Button Front Top

I was in love with this when I put it on. It's the softest, most comfortable fabric, and I loved that it was a mixed media top - the back was mostly solid navy. I was dying to keep it, but it had the same issue most button-downs have for busty girls: gaps. You'd think designers would have worked this point out by now. Returned.

Pink Clover | Melbourne Duster Cardigan

The cardigan is comfortable and a nice olive green. Styling it with the other items from my fix here didn't do it justice.I would have liked a little more coverage in the front, but otherwise have no complaints about this. It just didn't wow me enough to keep it. Returned.

Papermoon | Arin Button Front Top

Pink Clover | Melbourne Duster Cardigan

Wisp | Anaisey Jersey Dress

This one had me scratching my head. The sheath style, the loud print, nothing about this says "me". The photo doesn't look so bad, but I see a stranger. It was an odd choice and far out of my comfort zone. Returned.

Violet & Red | Vail Suede Flat

Yes! I asked for shoes my last two fixes and got zilch, so these were a nice surprise. While I suspect I will never get some cute booties in a Fix, I was thrilled to see some flats. These were adorable and comfortable. I exchanged them for a size up (exchanging is a super easy process) which means I kept these!

Wisp | Anaisey Jersey Dress

Market & Spruce | Bella Corduroy Bootcut Pant

Like shoes, I also asked for work-appropriate pants the past few fixes. I gave up and these showed up this fix. Navy is my jam but corduroy is not (and the waistline was a little low). Returned.

Market & Spruce | Bella Corduroy Bootcut Pant


Overall, I'm happy that this new stylist took the time to pay attention to things I had previously requested. The shirt, shoes, and cardigan were all my style even though I only kept one of the items. While the other two items were out there, I can appreciate a stylist that makes bolder choices - some of my favorite items in my first fixes were ones I didn't think I'd like. I asked that this stylist stick around for my next fix, so stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the discount. Your style is amazing! I haven't tried any such box yet...


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