Dave the Musical World Premiere | Washington, DC

September 4, 2018 Washington, DC, USA

Who: My friend Katherine and I
What: Dave, a world premiere musical based on the 1993 Kevin Kline film of the same name
When: August 2018
Where: Arena Stage, Washington, DC
Why: It looked like a fun story and Show-Score is awesome!

Thoughts: As mentioned, this musical is one of many new musicals based on an existing film. Despite being a 90's kid, I have no memories of the movie Dave. Still, the musical was generating a lot of buzz (original Waitress cast member Drew Gehling plays the titular role), and when I googled the film synopsis, I could see 1. why the film was chosen for the stage treatment and 2. why it was premiering in DC.

Super short version: Dave is a broke teacher who looks like the scummy president. The government asks Dave to serve as a body double for the president. Things get a little out of hand.

The show is fun. Despite having a seemingly political premise, it didn't feel preachy, heavy handed, of overly biased. It's ultimately a guy who has a moment to experience that "I'd do X if I were president" fantasy I'm sure many an American has conjured up.

The cast is incredibly talented (I was only familiar with two cast members prior to seeing Dave) and the ensemble gets some serious mileage in. The opening number rivals my favorite show, Come From Away, in super fast costume/character changes.

Of course, Dave is hoping to make it to Broadway...I wouldn't mind that at all as it's certainly a fun show Americans of different political leanings can all enjoy!

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