School of Rock National Tour | Baltimore, MD

March 26, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: My neighbor(s) and I

School of Rock national tour

What: School of Rock, Andrew Lloyd Weber's most recent musical based on the 2003 film of the same name
When: March 2018
Where: Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Why: I wanted to see it initially because Sierra Boggess was in the original cast, but it never worked out, so I'll rock out with it on tour.

Thoughts: My neighbor and I had tickets to see this earlier, but thanks to a spring snowstorm, the show was canceled and we had to scramble to get one of the few seats left in a later performance. On the bright side, it was the same performance another neighbor was attending. The more the merrier!

If you're a fan of the movie (and don't hate musicals), you'll be a fan of the show: the story and dialogue are nearly identical, the key difference being the expanded score which was a hit; I heard countless audience members singing one of the songs during intermission, my #1 sign that any musical is successful!

My neighbor and I both had a great time:this is such a fun production with so much energy, due mostly to the real stars: the kids. I thought to myself countless times "oh, to have that kind of energy" as they jumped and sang and played instruments all night long. Like many Broadway shows, small tweaks have been made to keep things modern and funny (a jab was made at fidget spinners early on) which is a natural and appropriate fit for this show. Overall, School of Rock makes for a fun night for all ages. If I wasn't laughing, I was smiling proudly at the kids performing.

You can listen to the Broadway soundtrack here (let's see if you can guess which song the audience was singing) and check out other shows I've seen here.

Have you seen School of Rock on screen or stage? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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