January 2, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: My sister and I 
What: Wicked, Broadway's hit tale of the witches of Oz | tickets
When: April 2015
Where: Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD
Why: It was a classic I'd yet to see, and someone spilled the beans on limited view seating.
Thoughts: What's not to like? Wicked will always have a special place in my heart as the first touring Broadway show I ever saw,  but even if this weren't so, it's a spectacular story with the great kind of score that stays in your head days after you leave the theatre. 

Wicked national tour playbill Baltimore

If you're late to the party like me, Wicked is the story of Galinda (Glinda) and Elphaba (the wicked witch). While it overlaps with the events of The Wizard of Oz, it is in fact it's own story of how the two met, their relationship, and an exploration of whether the label "wicked" is a true fit for Elphaba...or any of the other characters we meet. I'd jump...or fly at the chance to see this again, and if you're skeptical of my opinion, just consider that Wicked has been going strong on Broadway for nearly 15 years now. That's no small feat!

Want to hear more of the show? Check out the original cast recording.

Have you seen Wicked? Share your thoughts about the show in the comments below, or check out other shows I've seen here!

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