PRK: 1 Year Update

January 22, 2018 Baltimore, MD, USA

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I fulfilled a years-long dream of laser vision correction.

PRK surgery recovery

Last January, my horrid eyes (-10 in the worst eye) underwent PRK surgery. I chronicled the day of the procedure and immediate months following. Now that I've had my first eye exam (you want to keep these up annually to be in compliance with the warranty for the procedure), I think it's a great time to share how I'm feeling and my overall thoughts.

  • Vision: Awesome. It's so nice to wake up and not fuss with glasses or contacts. Reading is a breeze and for the most part, I can function without trouble. I have noticed things seem blurrier when accompanied by lighting (i.e., back lit signs on the highway or projector screens). The doctor did note the need for a prescription, but it is very small and I am not currently seeking any correction for it. I still experience "halos" at night which is the most frustrating side effect.
  • Comfort: Most of the time, things feel pretty normal. On occasion, I have a sensation of a lash or other "foreign body" being in an eye, or I might feel some discomfort when removing eye makeup. I discussed this with the doctor at my eye exam. After looking and listening, she determined my eyes are very dry (a common side effect of laser surgery) and recommended some over the counter drops different from the ones I currently use. There are also prescription options if needed, but she was kind enough to note that they are very expensive brand name drops that we can hopefully avoid with this OTC switch first.
  • The bottom line: I'll be honest enough to say that I'm a little frustrated about still experiencing halos and I was very disappointed to hear my vision had regressed, albeit minimally. Even with these in mind, I will say I am glad I had the procedure and wouldn't hesitate to do it again. I think because of how nearsighted I was before, the side effects (which we are working on) are still worth the fact that I can now see unassisted where for years I could not. The overall opinion might differ for someone with a more mild prescription, but I feel PRK was a great choice for me. Hopefully these new drops help bring my eyes back to a healthier state!

Have you experienced PRK or LASIK? Share your thoughts about it with me in the comments!

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  1. I've never had it. I am very near sighted and have astigmatism. I am not sure if I would do it even if I could afford it, due to side effects like you've mentioned and possibly vision regression. Those halos at night don't sound fun at all.

    1. It can be pricey, but with things like insurance discounts, FSA/HSA accounts, and special financing, I find it's becoming more attainable for people.

  2. It is definitely worth it in the long run.

  3. My husband had it done and he is so happy he did. I hope to do it some day!

  4. Thank you for being honest about your side effects. I'm sure it's different for everyone! Maybe one day I'll let go of my fear and finally get this procedure done!

  5. I'm dying to get this done! I know it'd be life changing!

  6. I really appreciate you being honest with the side effects. My prescription right now is -275 in each eye and "hopefully" it'll stay that way until I stop being a chicken and get Lasik.

  7. I've thought about corrective surgery but haven't done it. Everyone I know that has had it done, loves it.

  8. It seems like most people I hear about are not that high negative and I didn't even know it was an option for -10, so I read your review with interest. That being said, I am a -10.5 in both! I can only imagine a life without glasses and contacts. I'm glad you still feel it was the right choice for you.

  9. I, too, am about a year out and have to use readers at times and have the dry eye trouble. Currently I'm doing preservative free eye drops about every 2 hours. All day. Every day. I'm not sure this was worth it either.


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