Month of Beauty + Giveaway: LipSense

November 16, 2017

Happy week before Thanksgiving! We all want to look our best for those family photos next week which means now is the time to talk about the SeneGence product that began my obsession: LipSense!

If you haven't heard, LipSense is the long lasting lip color that does exactly what it says. I can put it on when getting ready for work in the morning, and it will still be on when I leave at 5. I've never before worn a lipstick, normal or long-lasting, that hadn't disappeared from my lips within 5 minutes (anyone else constantly rub their lips together? just me?) 

This stuff? Pop it on, stay moisturized with some gloss throughout the day...the color stays!

SeneGence has actually been around since the 90s, but the internet caught on to how amazing LipSense is and suddenly there were more sales than ever, causing a bit of a surprise. Some colors had to be discontinued to meet the new, higher demand.

Joanne is keeping it neutral with another re-released favorite: Kiss me, Katie

But....just in time for the holidays, SeneGence has caught up and brought back several favorite colors! Joanne was kind enough to let me try two of them: Sassy Z and Heartbreaker.

Sassy Z is everyone's perfect pink (another SeneGence consultant declared to me that it is the best color of all time), while Heartbreaker offers some amazing coral vibes. For winter haters like me, it's the perfect way to keep the spirit of summer alive!

Sassy Z
Of course, the fun thing about LipSense is that you can layer and blend any of the colors for your own custom look. I always carry two or three colors (don't ask how many I actually own) and a gloss in my purse so I can choose or create a look that suits me for the day.

Sassy Z + 1 layer of beige champage = fall vibes

For the rest of November, Joanne is offering 15% off your order as well as no tax or shipping costs! Just let her know I sent you! She's also giving one winner a LipSense starter kit - a remover, gloss, and winner's choice of color - that's a $55 value! Just enter below:

Month of giveaways:

Week 1. Lip balm and BlushSense, Robin
Week 2. ShadowSense, Ashley (1 week left to enter!)
Week 3. LipSense color and gloss, Joanne
Week 4. Face cosmetics, Ashlee (come back in a week!)
Week 5. Senegence store credit, Kelly
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  1. Love Lipsense. It stays on all day.

  2. I love using Lipsense! I need to add Sassy Z to my collection!

  3. Oops remover - how cool! I really need to try this.

  4. That Orchard Gloss looks pretty!

  5. Love the Sassy Z! Such a pretty shade. :)

  6. I had no idea this company had been around since the 90s!

  7. I had a hard time deciding because there are too many colors I would like to try and think I would like. I think I would want to try BELLA first.

  8. I would like to try Heartbreaker.

  9. I would like to try the Orchid Gloss - very pretty!

  10. I would choose Pink Champagne. (Tammy Horn)

  11. I would like the Orchid Gloss!!

  12. Would love to try Orchid Gloss!

  13. as for me i love to try them all but well sassy z looks like some thing i really love to try besides orchid gloss when it comes to lipsticks,eye liner, and eye shadows and nail polash i'm like really bad i got to have it all

  14. Would love to try the Orchid Gloss!!

  15. Forgot to include Facebook name - @tlawoodall

  16. I'd most like to try the Pink Champagne color. Thanks.

  17. I've never tried LipSense before, and I'm torn between Aussie Rose & First Love! So many pretty colours! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!


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