Finding Neverland

August 8, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

Who: My high school bestie, my neighbor, and I

Finding Neverland Hippodrome

What: Finding Neverland, the musical adaptation of the 2004 film
When: June 2017
Where: The Hippodrome Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Finding Neverland tour Hippodrome

Why: because it looks so darn whimsical and pretty
Thoughts: When the film came out, I liked it but I also felt it was slow-moving and ultimately I never watched it again. I have similar feelings about the play, but musical numbers made the slowness a little more bearable and an excellent Act I finale (possibly the best I've seen) ensured that the audience would return for Act II. The cast is talented, the visuals are stunning (who can beat a glitter wind tunnel!?), but ultimately my feelings are pretty similar to the film: it's well worth watching, but just too slow to enjoy over and over IMO.

Have you seen Finding Neverland on stage or screen? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Listen to the Finding Neverland cast album here, then check out other shows I've seen here.

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