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May 16, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

When I wrote re•solve's first post in 2013, I was a broke newlywed exploring a green lifestyle and sharing that journey.

It's been four and a half years since I decided to blog and my, how things have changed:
  • I followed a strict vegetarian diet for over 3 years; I now consider myself "flexitarian".
  • I shared a one-bedroom apartment with my hubby and our pet bunny; we now own a home that we share with a dog, cat, and any other guests needing a place to crash for the night.
  • I worked at a job that I enjoyed but that  monopolized my time, energy, and barely paid enough to cover our bills; I now have 3 years under my belt in a rewarding non-profit career that has allowed me tremendous growth opportunity and—gasp—work-life balance.

We all grow and change and  I've come to realize that I've outgrown re•solve as a brand. While living green and eating clean are still values of mine, they are just a fraction of the things I love in life. So many others have been excluded because they don't "fit" with re•solve. I mean, how can I not share about the time I finally saw Hamilton? Theatre has always been a love of my life, but as a broke newlywed, it was inaccessible to me. I've made room for it in my life since then, but not in my blog as it wasn't truly relevant.

My life has changed and it's time for my blog to change with it—I hope you all will stay with me to enjoy what is coming next!

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  1. So many awesome changes in the past few years!

  2. I'll stay with you! It's amazing to see other's journies through life alongside my own. It helps with perspective.


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