PRK Update: 1 Month

February 27, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

I recently had my one month PRK follow-up appointment which went well: my doctor at LasikPlus said I was doing better than expected at this point in my recovery (seeing about 20/25). I am now finished with all prescription drops and only need to use artificial tears from this point forward (no problem here since I've been using them for years anyway).

Things are mostly back to normal: I can see as well as I did with my contacts in all aspects except for reading (doc said he wouldn't be surprised if I am reading comfortably in about three weeks!). On the computer, I can zoom in to a larger resolution, but as far as books or most printed materials, reading at that size is still difficult and I avoid it if not ne

I was told that the eyes heal independently from one another and it's fascinating just how true this is. While I haven't had any unbearable pain or side effects since the week immediately after my procedure, slight discomforts happen every now and then (sensations like that of an eyelash falling into your eye). One day it would be one eye, the next day the opposite eye would have it's own strange moment.

It's so funny to get ready for bed at night and realize I don't have contacts to take out. I've never been able to see during my walk from the bathroom to the bedroom, and now my nightly routine feels incomplete. Of course, waking up and being able to see totally makes up for that.

With vacation coming up, I'm so excited at the thought of not having to panic about any of the following for the first time ever:
  • Forgetting to pack solution
  • Not having enough solution
  • My lens tearing during the trip
  • My lens popping out during water activities
  • My eyes being bothered by the lenses and having to wear glasses during vacation
Am I glad I did this? Absolutely! Would I do it again? You betcha! No regrets here.

Stay tuned for some Lasik/PRK tips!

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