5 Desk Essentials for a Happy Work Space

February 16, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

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My company has grown so much recently that we had to lease an entire second building to accommodate all of our staff.

My department was one of the few selected to move from the old building to the "new" (I quote this because these are all historic spaces). Our move provided the perfect opportunity for me to declutter my desk and start anew with only the most important things. Here's the top five essentials that keep my work space a happy one:

Reusable water bottle

I always have a bottle at my desk to hydrate and refill throughout the day without generating additional waste. The Glasstic water bottle is still my personal favorite to use.

Diffuser and essential oil

This one will depend on office rules and preferences, but I keep a small essential oil diffuser at my desk. The light scents are comforting—I've been loving clary sage lately— and the vapor doubles as a humidifier which is especially helpful in the winter months (you can also use it sans oil just as a humidifier if scent is a no go in your space).

essential oil diffuser

Hand sanitizer and lotion

People in my office are good at sharing everything from post-its to common colds. I don't want to partake in the latter, so I make sure to keep my hands clean on the regular. Of course, that leads to dry skin, so I always have a good quality  hand creme in my stash as well. Arbonne's is still my favorite, but for a more cost-effective natural option, I also love The Naked Bee.

Cleaning wipes

Piggybacking on the previous point and the fact that so many of us tend to eat lunch at our desks, I always have a huge container of Clorox disinfecting wipes or something similar to wipe down my desk and other surfaces throughout the week. So far, I haven't caught anyone else's office cold!


Sometimes I just need to zone out and plow through a project. Listening to Pandora with a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones eliminates other office distractions for me so I can be my most productive while enjoying some music at the same time. Everyone in our company is issued a standard pair of headphones when they join, but recently, my department invested in active noise cancelling headphones since there are so many of us in a smaller, more open space. They have been a godsend at times!

wireless active noise cancelling headphones

What items keep your work space happy?

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