Prioritizing Self-Care in 2017

January 9, 2017 Baltimore, MD, USA

2017 has had a silent start here on the blog and I can safely say that there may be more silence yet as I am prioritizing something a little different in the coming days and weeks : myself and my health.

There are the not-so-fun things like the filling of 5 cavities (my punishment, I suppose, for avoiding routine dental cleanings most of my adult life), the mundane necessary things like constantly monitoring this rogue ear of mine, and the more exciting, albeit terrifying, upcoming PRK procedure (think lasik with a longer recovery time; my prescription is crazy strong).

I'm also starting to bully convince Sean to take similar steps for himself. We've started with baby steps—replacing our manual toothbrushes with the electric variety—but soon enough I hope to see him sit in a dentist's chair for a routine visit (hopefully with  a more pleasant outcome than what I had)

Working most of my life in customer service has left me with great skills when it comes to helping others...helping everyone but myself. For years, I've carried the unnecessary guilt of taking time off to meet all my needs. Recently that meant I only took time off for my ear and let all other needs fall to the wayside.

I'm recovering from that slowly thanks to a much more supportive work environment, and my time sheet certainly shows me depleting a significant number of my accumulated sick days.What's especially nice about this is that I don't have to apologize.

Nor do I want to.

How can you give yourself a little more care this year?

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  1. 5 cavities? Oh man, that's brutal. I always, always hope to come away from the dentist with good news of no cavities...I think that's what we all hope for! I'm realizing more in the past few months that I shouldn't ignore self-care as much as I might want to...


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