Anise Is a Big Sister!

August 22, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA

"Oh. I think Anise likes cats."

In the list of normal household chit chat—did we have everything we needed for the upcoming wedding, did we need anything from the grocery store, was the dog walker available—Sean dropped that extra token of information into the conversation.

"I've been thinking the same thing!"

For Anise's first year or so with us, she seemed to only have one type of body language when on leash: lunge. We knew she just wanted to say hi, but clearly no one else got the message, judging by the humans (adult, child, man, and woman alike) who screamed and bolted away, the dogs who replied with barks and lunges of their own, and the countless stray cats who truly illustrated fight or flight: they would either remain and hiss, or run under the nearest vehicle.

As she's transitioned from puppy to teenager, her body language has started to reflect her feelings: raised hair and barking at the stranger dog who dares to bark at her first, a waggy tail and attempt to drag us to any human she thinks will pet her, and, most surprisingly, a very waggy tail and lots of play posture when she spots a stray cat. Even if said kitty hisses, Anise is still bouncing around, dying to play.

Back to that conversation. I believe it was a Thursday.  We talked about maybe looking into a companion for Anise after our vacation.

On Saturday, I noticed an "adoption fees waived" sign at a local SPCA while running errands. On Sunday, we brought home McHenry, an 8 year old tabby who loves meals and head pets (for anyone not in the know, his name is a nod to the birthplace of the US national anthem, which is right here in Baltimore!).

It's been a little over a week now. Anise is dying to be best friends while McHenry has transitioned from flight to fight to ignore. Socializing takes lots of time and patience but we're hoping for and working towards the best. Hopefully future pictures will be cute ones of them napping and playing together!

How long did adjustment take for those of you who have added second (or third or fourth) pets to your family?

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  1. Love this so much!!! They are both so adorable! Visiting from Let's Be Friends! Annster's Domain

  2. We're still adjusting to a dog...going on three months later. And I was wondering if McHenry was named after the fort :-)


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