The Non-Gambler's Guide to Atlantic City

July 21, 2016 Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Gambling is so not my thing. Winning would be wonderful, but the odds of losing are more than enough to keep me from making it a hobby. However, I know plenty of people whose personal sport is gambling, and when their trophy is a free hotel stay in Atlantic City, I'll certainly tag along. Turns out, there's enough for everyone to do, even if you don't gamble. Give one of these a try:

  1. The beach: there's miles upon miles of sand and surf. Of the beaches I've visited, Atlantic City has the widest sand area I've seen, meaning there's room for everyone! Enjoy a book or play in the waves!
  2. The boardwalk: Atlantic City has a 4 mile long boardwalk that is generously wide. If one souvenir shop after another isn't your thing, there's still the great opportunity for exercise. I enjoyed walking the boardwalk daily, and morning bicycle rentals were also available.
  3. The shopping: I don't need any Atlantic City t-shirts, but there are Outlets directly behind Ceasar's—right in the middle of the action. Get your bargain hunting on!
  4. The happy hours: There are plenty of restaurants and bars, thus plenty of happy hours with tasty unique options at great prices! We enjoyed some tasty international small plates and signature cocktails from themed restaurants like Buddakan and Cuba Libre without breaking the bank.
  5. The casinos: Don't avoid casinos just because you don't gamble (unless you're fighting addiction, then please, stay away!). They all have different themes and it's fun to walk around to see the unique decor as well as the different shops, restaurants, and amenities they have to offer. While our lodging was at Caesar's, we really enjoyed walking around the Tropicana because of the Cuban theming throughout: palm trees and pretty fountains!
  6. The entertainment: Fireworks on Saturdays in the summer. Museums. Aquariums. Arcades. Rides on the steel pier. Shows at the Convention Center and Casinos. There's guaranteed to be something to enjoy during your visit! 
Have you visited Atlantic City? What's your favorite thing to do?

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  1. how much did the buddakan cost you?

    1. Hi! Buddakan had a good-sized HH menu of $5 items including rail drinks, specialty cocktails, and small plates. We spent $30 for 4 drinks and 2 plates.

  2. We went once when we luved outside Philly. It was ok but we thought the city was pretty rundown once you got past the boardwalk area. This was also 2009 so maybe it's changed. We went to Cape May on the same trip and really like it. Overall we preferred Lewes, DE to anywhere else.


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