Taking Some ME Time This Holiday Weekend

July 6, 2016 Baltimore, MD, USA


I'm back at work after a 4-day weekend, and while it didn't end on a relaxed note (turns out fireworks are a lot less fun when you have a dog), it most certainly began on one!

Most of the nice shopping centers around here have a Massage Envy in their lineup of offerings. I've even been a couple of times; they are a lifesaver post-op when my sleep positions are limited, leaving me with an especially tense back.

When I heard about an opportunity to be reminded of how awesome their services are and share with you all, I thought "duh. yes, please!" When they mentioned that service would be a facial, I thought "What!? is this the same Massage Envy?"

ME offers high-quality skin care for all skin types

Not that I was complaining. I take great care of my skin, but find it helpful to get a facial a few times a year for an extra deep clean. Apparently this is super weird, but I love extractions. I of course booked an appointment hoping I'd love their facials as much as their massages (spoiler alert: the answer is yes!).

My place of relaxation for 50 minutes
What makes Massage Envy so great is how well they listen to you prior to treatment. My massages in the past have been customized to exactly what I needed and the facial was no different: my esthetician asked lots of questions and examined my skin closely before recommending the specific facial type she thought would be best and getting started.  She also maintained communication throughout the treatment to confirm my comfort level (very important, especially when using products such as peels!) and share which products she was using.

Of course, even during a facial, This is still Massage Envy and I still enjoyed massage: my hands, arms, neck, and shoulders were all pampered while the products did their job. The facial was completed with an SPF moisturizer to protect my skin once back outside in the summer sun.

Post-service recommendations based my unique needs

If it were up to me, I'd enjoy massages monthly and facials at least quarterly. Time and money can easily keep me from these goals, but it's great to know that Massage Envy's monthly memberships make both services super affordable...and services roll over if you're busy and miss a month! I also found out that the membership can be paid for using FSA/HSA accounts....so now I have every reason to go more regularly!

When did you last take some ME time? Have you ever enjoyed a service at your local Massage Envy?

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  1. Beyond awesome that they do more than massages! I had no idea.

  2. I love facials! I actually prefer them over massages. :) Massages always leaving me feeling like a truck hit me the next day, lol. And I wish we had a Massage Envy around here!

  3. I have never been there! I know I need this!! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had some time to relax!

  4. Fun! I always see their signs around but haven't booked an appointment yet.


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